Saturday, August 15, 2015

P Stuntman Actor Robby Robinson on ActorsE Chat with host Julie-Kathleen Langan

Stuntman Actor Robby Robinson on ActorsE Chat with host Julie-Kathleen Langan

Robby Robinson is an actor, veteran stuntman and is a former boxer. Robby has been a stuntman in many films including Fight Club, Jack Reacher, Dream Girls, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Collateral, Never Die Alone, S.W.A.T., The Last Castle, Double Take, Play It to the Bone, Star Trek: Insurrection, Lethal Weapon IV, and Beverly Hills Cop III among others.

Robby has played various roles such as a mercenary, fighter, gang member, gangster, and police officer. Robby has also taken on the role as stunt double for numerous actors including Wesley Snipes and Glenn Plummer.

As an actor Robby has played in television shows such as Southland, Vegas, The Guardian, and Lois & Clark, just to name a few. Robby has also acted in live shows, and played a swordsman in Conan the Barbarian at Universal Studios.

Robby takes his expertise beyond stunts and is skilled in boxing, karate, swords/swordfighting, and falls.


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