Monday, August 24, 2015

A Celebrity Insider Sandro Monetti and Host Julie Kathleen Langan on ActorsE Chat

Celebrity Insider Sandro Monetti and Host Julie Kathleen Langan on ActorsE Chat

Sandro Monetti is a Los Angeles based Hollywood insider, entertainment journalist, director, TV host, and author. Sandro is originally from Great Britain and has interviewed some of the biggest stars in the world. As the ultimate Hollywood insider, Sandro Monetti has interviewed greats such as Will Smith, Madonna, George Clooney, and Paul McCartney. 

Sandro’s work is in such high demand and has hosted many television and radio shows.
Most recently Sandro has established himself as a writer and director with his award winning short film parody Miserable Lesbians. This short film has been now adapted by Sandro into a hit stage musical. Sandro’s other work includes an autobiographical one-man stage show which is titled “Clooney, Cowell, Pitt and Me: Amusing Encounters with the A-List” in which he has performed internationally to crowded audiences.

Sandro’s writing has also led him to writing acclaimed celebrity biographies which include “Mickey Rourke: Wrestling with Demons” and “Colin Firth: The Man Who Would Be King”. Sandro’s books take his readers into the world of the celebrity which capture compelling celebrity stories, red carpet award shows and give the reader the excitement of celebrity life.
Sandro’s journalistic work has led him to work for major media and news organizations such as the BBC, Sky TV, and Express Newspapers. Most recently Sandro assisted in creating and in teaching the world’s first university-level Bachelor of Arts degree course in celebrity journalism.


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