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Celebrity Host Kurt Kelly Interviews Tom Lawless Agent- President of Vox Inc.

Celebrity Host Kurt Kelly Interviews Tom Lawless Agent- President of Vox Inc.

Friday, July 31, 2014 Celebrity Host Kurt Kelly interviews Tom Lawless Agent- President of Vox Inc. at 10 AM PDT on ActorsE. ActorsE Chat streams LIVE M-F 10a-11a PST - Search for past entertainment industry guest appearances. ActorsE is in it's 6th Season with over 1,100 episodes and 5.855,226+ viewers! Read More:


Actor Tips. Friday Agent Tom Lawless 
Kurt Kelly & Agent Tom Lawless 10:00am
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Vox Inc. is an agency that is ahead of its time.  They are on the cutting edge of all of the needs of their clients and are staying ahead of the competition.  With a celebrity talent pool which includes celebrities such as Ed Asner, Eddie Griffin, and Danny Glover among the gentlemen, and Julie Ormond, Juliette Lewis, and Lauren Bacall among the ladies, there is no better source for placing the right celebrity voice with your project.  Kurt Kelly will be sitting down with the CEO of Vox Inc. Tom Lawless on Friday, July 31, 2014 at 1pm EST and 10am PST on ActorsE Chat.

Tom graduated from Villanova University with a background in Finance in 1998.  He then started work as an assistant in the voice over department at Talent Group Inc.  He then became an agent and decided that it was time for him to branch out on his own.  He started Vox Inc. in 2002 and has worked hard to help the agency grow into what it is today, one of the leading providers of voice overs for commercials, movies, and animation.

Vox Inc. has continued to grow in clients as well as to expand its portfolio into new arenas of technology and new commercial formats.  Tom will be speaking with Kurt Kelly about his experience in the industry, as well as the cutting edge for everything at his agency.

Kurt Kelly is "the Voice of Experience", he is also one of the most sought after interviewers in the industry as he gets to the heart of any interview.  With over 30 years inside the industry he has interviewed everyone from DC to Hollywood. More on Kurt

The interview will be taped in the Pepper Jay Studios in the heart of Hollywood.  Pepper Jay broadcasts live 5 days per week from her studio bringing you the best inside view of Hollywood that the industry has to offer.  ActorsE Chat has had over 6 million international viewers, recently winning a Telly.  ActorsE has also had over 1200 celebrity guests from all corners of the industry.

ActorsE Chat is a co-production of Pepper Jay Productions and Live Video, Inc. The interview will be produced in the Pepper Jay Studios, live from the heart of Hollywood.  Pepper Jay produces and directs ActorsE Chat live 5 days per week.  She keeps amazing content coming!
ActorsE Chat is Produced by Pepper Jay, Kurt Kelly, William B. Schaeffler, and Melissa English and is a Co-Production of Pepper Jay Productions, LLC  and  Live Video, Inc. A Kurt Kelly Company

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Singer Shelley Fisher: "The Hebrew Hillbilly" on ActorsE Chat With Host Ric Drasin

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Shelley Fisher hails from Memphis, Tennessee where she grew up in the heart of Dixie.  She had mastered the art of southern cooking by the time she was 10 years old and was pleasing the neighborhood with her delectable craft.  As Shelley began to blossom in her adolescence she began to take up singing as well as perfect her cooking skills.  She very quickly became a beacon of the region for her voice, curves, and cooking.  Her father passed away at the age of twelve leaving her in a bit of shock and searching far and wide for her dreams.

After heading to Boston and earning an undergraduate degree she decided to head to UCLA.  When she got to southern California she felt right at home in the bohemian art community and took like a fish to water beginning to perform around Hollywood.  In the course of her career Shelley has performed in Playboy Clubs, at B.B. King's and in many other locations around the country.  Her beauty and southern charm make for a lovely combination of her voice and her comedic interludes which is memorable and very interactive for the audience.

Shelley has recently started a television show which combines her skills acquired throughout her life and allows her to use all of her talents at once.  Shelley sat down with host Ric Drasin on ActorsE Chat and gave him some insight on what makes a great singer and cuisine expert!

ActorsE Chat is int he heart of Hollywood, broadcasting live 5 days per week bringing you the very best in all things in Tinseltown!  It is the inside track of everything that is up and coming and hot right now, behind the velvet rope. Stay tuned in to be informed and amazed.

ActorsE Chat is a co-production of Live Video, Inc. and Pepper Jay Productions.

Monday, July 28, 2014

William Johnson the Entertainer and Guitarist Valentino on ActorsE Chat Today

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A great show will be airing today on ActorsE Chat with a combination of two great talents William Johnson and Valentino the Guitarist.  They will both be appearing live at 1pm EST and 10am PST to speak about their career in the industry and all of the exciting projects which they have upcoming in Hollywood.

William L. Johnson's mission rises above the fame and fortune that usually rewards a successful music/acting career. His goal is to reinvest the majority of his earnings into a structured business that supports the advancement of the urban community. By spreading the message of self-reliance and providing opportunities to qualified individuals from disadvantage backgrounds, he hopes to break the cycle that keeps generations impoverished.

William Johnson may be seen in over twenty film projects and has already generated a buzz on the underground circuit from anxious fans awaiting his national exposure. His upcoming feature Destroy the Light, directed by Preston Whitmore III and starring Boris Kodjoe, and Giancarlo Esposito, may prove to be the spark that ignites his mainstream popularity.

He has held starring and prominent roles in theatrically released projects. His performance as a lead in director Craig Ross' Blue Hill Avenue helped the movie garner top honors at the Acapulco and Black Hollywood film festivals. Johnson also starred in the independent production Sweet Oranges and was featured in Ross' Motive starring Shemar Moore, Vivica Fox, Golden Brooks, and Victoria Rowell.

Johnson's acting diversity has been displayed in several independent short films and features such as Move, Wanted: Soulful Energy Xchange with Gary Dourdan and Mari Morrow, director Tony Spires' Two Degrees starring Don "DC' Curry, and Nikita Blues from Foremost Entertainment. He also performed a scene-stealing role in Showtime's A Spider's Web with Stephen Baldwin and Carrie Weir.

Equally important to Johnson is his passion to deliver conscious messages through his music via his stage persona "Brotha Bill". Brotha Bill's essence is a lyrical flow that sets him apart from other neo-soul artists. Those who have experienced his fusion of poetic verse and energetic R&B funk are sure to cherish the kinetic vibe in their own home. His CD contains uptempo songs as wells as succulent cuts that feed the desire for real, soulful music.

Upon relocating to Los Angeles in 1998 Johnson quickly gained a name for himself as a very talented and versatile actor starring in films that have won accolades at top film festivals. Claiming Gary, Indiana and Chicago, Illinois as hometowns, Johnson has steadily improved his craft in the Los Angeles entertainment scene for the past six years. His music career was spawned at an early age upon matriculation to Emerson Visual and Performing Arts High School. Soon after graduation he formed a group, Black to Black, which was nurtured by notable manager Jimmy Newton. In 1999, Johnson and prominent producer/engineer Booker T. Jones conceived BaldHeadDread, which garnered significant exposure when they scored the movie soundtrack for Ragdoll. Both projects were stepping stones to help him launch his solo venture.

Valentino is a famed guitarist who is know for being able to handle multiple genres of material at the same time.  He is famed for being able to take anything and turn it into a classic.  Vinny started playing at the age of 6 and started his first international tour at the age of 16.  He was a virtuoso from the start.  He has a new album which is getting ready to come out this summer in which he will thrill and chill the audience with another blend of smoking sounds.

ActorsE Chat is a co production of Live Video, Inc. and Pepper Jay Productions.  ActorsE Chat is broadcast live from Hollywood 5 days per week by the talented Pepper Jay.  ActorsE redefines the Hollywood genre keeping you plugged into all things entertainment.  Stay tuned in for the best that Tinseltown has to offer!

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Live Video, Inc. News Updates July 2014

Live Video, Inc. News Updates July 2014 
Published 7.27.2014

A Dynamic News Update for July 2014 from Live Video, Inc. News covering all things Global Entertainment and technology.

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Kurt Kelly Sits Down With Actress and Writer Fylicia Renee King on ActorsE Chat

Raised by her single mother as the oldest of two girls, Fylicia Renee King is a native of Omaha Nebraska.    Fylicia has been living in Los Angeles for over 14 years and has blossomed into  an actress, writer, and producer.  In addition, she has not bravely explored many different genresand  has created content both for the stage and screen.   Putting all of her focus on mastering her craft, she created a children’s E-magazine lifestyle show which is called “D-Street”, featuring  Josh Duhamel.  She recently sat down with host Kurt Kelly on ActorsE Chat, to discuss her experience in Hollywood and her upcoming projects. ActorsE with Kurt Kelly is a Co-Production with Live Video, Inc. and Pepper Jay Productions on the Actors Entertainment Network.

See Kurt Kelly and Celebrity Guest on ActorsE

Watch Kurt and Fylicia Now:
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See more on Co-Productions with Live Video, Inc., Pepper Jay Productions and ActorsE
See more on Co-Productions with Live Video, Inc. Pepper Jay Productions  and Actors Reporter

ActorsE Chat Hosts Upcoming Special on Casey Kasem

Casey Kasem became the legendary voice we listened to all our lives.  His passing, for
 many, was the end of an era.  When you listen to the dedications from all over the world, you can sense that people had a very good friend in Hollywood with Casey Kasem.  ActorsE Chat and Actors Reporter are pleased to announce a very special upcoming show with insider insight from those who knew and loved Casey.  Get ready for an exciting upcoming announcement, on this show! Details soon

#CaseyKasem @kurtkelly #kurtkelly @livevideoinc +Kurt Kelly Actor Voice Over Artist +Live Video, Inc. #livevideoinc +actorsentertainment @actorsentertainment @actorsreporter +PepperJProductions 

See more on Co-Productions with Live Video, Inc., Pepper Jay Productions and ActorsE
See more on Co-Productions with Live Video, Inc. Pepper Jay Productions  and Actors Reporter

Live Video, Inc. Weekly Entertainment Insider Tips  

There is so much information out there, it would be great to just one definitive location to be able to find Hollywood Insider Tips.  Now, you need Look no further than the Live Video, Inc. website! Check out our site and all of the great content that is being brought to you by guest writers, experts, and people inside the industry.  No need to look at Wiki How or Life Hack videos, get the tips straight from the best in the biz.

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Martin Elkort: A Camera in Time a View of the Past

Some things are just iconic, like Apple pie, an American flag blowing in the breeze, and Martin Elkort.  With his camera he captured many of the moments of the American subconscious, and he has given us one of the best windows into time we could ever ask for.  His daughter, Stefani Twyford, has created an amazing documentary which will be unveiled with her father's collection in LA.

@MartinElkort #MartinElkort @kurtkelly #kurtkelly @livevideoinc #livevideoinc @stefanitwyford #legacymultimedia #stefanitwyford 

Check out more on this project here: Martin Elkort Trailer Kurt Kelly Actor Voice Over
See more on Matin Elkort on

The Hobbit 2: On Sony Pix

There is nothing like an epic quest... the drama builds, lines are drawn in the sand, and only one side can come out on top.  The Hobbit 2 is one of those quests. As the tension mounts, the quest becomes more serious and everything is on the line.  With Hobbit 2,one of the best movies of 2014, Sony continues to bring you top entertainment and information.CEO of LVI, Kurt Kelly is the official voice of Sony Pix.

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Sony PIX gets set to Engage, Entice & Excite with the best in Hollywood. Get ready to STAY AMAZED.
 Watch Now: The Hobbit 2 with AXN

Sony Brings You Life in High Definition

Life looks amazing in high definition.  Aside from being there and witnessing an event yourself, nothing tops a well done high definition video presentation.   Sony recognizes that and wants you to stay amazed!  For that reason, every film and television show that Sony Pix brings you is in High Definition, it is a part of their mission and identity and will ensure that you are in the moment, as if you were there!

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Sony PIX gets set to Engage, Entice & Excite with the best in Hollywood. Get ready to STAY AMAZED.
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Actors Reporter July 2014 Newsletter

July 2014   
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Featured Articles

Rabbi Jason is the director of Fusion, an outreach and teaching ministry. Fusion is committed to the spiritual growth of Jewish and Gentile believers, teaching the Jewish roots of the faith, and advancing The Kingdom through unity in Yeshua. 

Staged at the spectacular Greystone Mansion where a real life murder mystery shook Beverly Hills in the 1920s, The Manor recreates those events as the audience moves from room to room with the actorsas witnesses to the unfolding drama. 


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"Actors Entertainment" is a free online entertainment trade magazine for actors and others in the entertainment industry. A channel of theActors Podcast Network, Actors Entertainment is for your enjoyment.

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Sidebeat Music with Kosh; album cover designer & documentarian
Kosh is one of the greatest art / creative directors in Rock history. From The Beatles to today ... and still going strong. Kosh, a three-time Grammy award winner, has designed over 2000 album covers including Abbey Road, Let it Be, and Hotel California.
 Street Performer, a film short written by 11 year old Karen Kolkey, and directed by John Michael Ferrari and Pepper Jay, is about a young girl who runs away from home because she doesn't want to move to Paris with her parents. Starring Cerris Morgan-Moyer, Amy Block, Dakota Bright, and introducing Karen Kolkey. 
 Born December 11, 1991 in Nashville, Tennessee is a personal fitness trainer, body builder, model, actress and talk show host. Solara is currently residing in Murfreesboro, TN attending Middle Tennessee State University working on her Exercise Science and Nutrition Degree. 
 Comedian/Writer/Actress Erin O'Connor told her first joke for money in San Francisco 28 years ago and became addicted. She abandoned her career as an Advertising Copywriter at Ogilvy & Mather and hit the road. Her travels as a road comic took her to 41 states and eight countries: Japan, Korea, Germany, England, Denmark, Scotland and Canada. And during her travels, she fell in love with food. 
 The beautiful and talented actress and singer Angelique Bates was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and is of Haitian and Native American descent. Bates got her start in a Borax commercial when she was a baby. She subsequently landed an AT&T commercial and a co-starring role in the movie Sweet Potato Ride. Many years later, she got the job on a new sketch comedy series. 
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