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July 2014   

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On his Twitter page @RealKenDivitian Ken Davitian describes himself as: "Actor, Producer, Jack of all trades and master of none."

Jaime has 10 tips for sailing through transitions. This is Part 3 of a 5 part series. 

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Dear Melissa,
"Actors Reporter," an online entertainment trade magazine about the entertainment industry. A channel of the Actors Podcast Network, Actors Reporter is your one stop entertainment information spot.

No gossip, prejudice, bias, or slants ... just neutral reporting and information gathering. In addition to interesting and up to date articles and interviews, enjoy daily links to entertainment news headlines as well as our actors resource section.

Pepper Jay Productions LLC welcome producing partner Live Video Inc, which is and will be co-producing several of the Actors Reporter event coverage.

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The TradeVine - Entertainment Article Highlights - Week Ending July 11th
The TradeVine's purpose is to encourage the entertainment industry to read their trades: Variety, Backstage, Hollywood Reporter, etc. Enjoy learning about your industry. 
Actors Day in LA - Bound by Ad - a new kind of TV Series
A new sitcom where you - the audience - get to play casting director! We've narrowed it down to 18 actors vying for 6 roles. Which team of castmates stay and whose dream comes true, and, which go home, we leave entirely up to YOU! 
Party Planning Tip #24 from Party Charlie - Get Guests Involved
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