Saturday, July 5, 2014

Kurt Kelly Interviews CEO, Writer, and Entertainment Mogul Marie Pizano

Kurt Kelly Interviews CEO, Writer, and Entertainment Mogul Marie Pizano
This morning [July 5, 2014] at 10 AM PDT, Kurt Kelly will be sitting down live for a special edition of ActorsE Chat to interview Marie Pizano, Producer, Author, CEO/Founder of MVP3 Entertainment  Group.
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Kurt Kelly will be sitting down live for a special edition of ActorsE Chat today. The show will be broadcast live today at 10am PST and 1pm EST.  Marie is a talented and respected CEO in the entertainment industry.  Marie has been through many things which would destroy other people such as failures in career as well as divorce.  However, instead of deciding she was going to let get the better of her she made lemonade.  Following these issues and starting her news life, she relocated from Chicago, Illinois to Memphis, Tennessee and started MVP 3 Entertainment Group.

Marie is the Executive Producer of many award winning films some include: "From Barefoot to Stilettos", Purple Church, Hillbilly Bible, and Echoes of Shannon Street. Pizano formed valuable relationships with others and studios in the entertainment industry.  She has also represented some of the most talented and eclectic artist who are on the rise in the city.

Marie has continued to be a force to be reckoned with as passion, drive and ambition are a part of her family's history.  Although never in the military herself, Marie learned the way, the drive and the life from her grandfather.  She went to school at Chicago's South Suburban College where she studied business accounting.  She then went on to Chicago's Columbia School of the Arts.

Marie is the mother of 2 children and is very active in charity.  She has been involved with everything from St. Jude to the Commission of Missing and Exploited Children.  She has been traveling back an forth between Memphis, New York, and Los Angeles closing business deals for many years now.  Marie has recently been on tour as well promoting her new book which is her personal memoir.

This is an amazing book which is the story of one woman as she conquers everything from growing up with nothing to being a trophy wife.  This is a memoir which will leave the reader inspired and ready to conquer the world.

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Marie will be interviewed by Kurt Kelly, a staple in the entertainment industry who has interviewed everyone from Hollywood to Washington for more than 30 years.  Kurt is great at what he does and stays in the loop of all things Hollywood, getting to the heart of any matter quickly and effectively.

The interview will be produced in the Pepper Jay Studios, live from the heart of Hollywood.  Pepper Jay produces and directs ActorsE Chat live 5 days per week.  She keeps amazing content coming! and Live Video, Inc. A Kurt Kelly Company
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