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Countdown to the Red Carpet at Voices 2014

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The excitement is building leading up to the red carpet ceremony at the Voices 2014 convention.  Where talent is arriving internationally in anticipation of a great convention.  As the leading convention in the industry, every year over 500-1000 of the creme de la creme in the voice over world arrive in Anaheim to share knowledge, talent, and the latest trends in the industry.

Tonight some of the best international talent will be arriving at a red carpet gala, allowing the talent, agents, and everyone else to be a part of the glamorous event.  Live Coverage will be taped by ActorsE Chat and broadcast on a special edition of the show, honoring this amazing event.  Kurt Kelly will be hosting live from the red carpet, all of the special coverage as well as the experiences of those arriving, teaching, and being honored at this event.

The excitement is palpable, come and join us on the red carpet!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Acting With Your Eyes

Acting With Your Eyes
By: John Michael Ferrari
Immediate Release
Hollywood, CA
August 27, 2014

Self-confidence for an actor is always the hardest thing to learn and acquire.  Many actors find themselves staring at their own feet or anywhere else rather than the camera.  That is a huge challenge for the director as they are constantly gesturing for you to look in the right direction.  As an actor you want to make sure that you have tremendous self-confidence and that you are able to radiate it like a light when you are on the camera.  That means that you need to know what to do with your eyes.  Acting with your eyes is the one skill which is not taught when you go to acting school that means that this is something that you need to figure out on your own.

However, thankfully with this beautiful new book from John Michael Ferrari you no longer have to worry about figuring this out on your own.  The book outlines all of the details of techniques which will allow you to look like a pro that has been a part of the industry for years.  If you have been seeking to look like a flawless regular who can engage your audience and allow them to see into your soul in front of the camera, this is your book.

When people see you on screen, the thing that will captivate and will bring them to always want you back in front of the camera is the engagement you have with the audience.  Your audience should be able to see everything in your eyes and should know what you are thinking about.  Acting With Your Eyes, will teach you many new concepts like the Magic Pull which will allow you to instantly be in touch with your inner confidence and draw your audience to you like a moth to the flame. 
Learning to act with your eyes will unlock your full on screen potential and deliver dividends and returns in the long term which will ensure that you are the best you can be 

John Ferrari's book "Acting with Your Eyes" is right on target. While actions speak louder than words, the eyes are the window to the soul. Acting is a combination of actions, words, and the eyes. There are many books on filming (actions) and scriptwriting (words), but few, if any, are focused on the window to the soul. I am delighted to read John's unique book. It is insightful; it advocates positive thinking; and it is a lot of fun to read (with a sense of humor such as "I've doubled my Facebook friends in just a week, now I have two.") I find John's book useful not only for actors, but also for everyone who wishes to improve their professional and personal life.”

 About the Author: John Michael Ferrari

John Michael Ferrari is a professional photographer, acting coach, musician, and producer.  He has worked with some of the best actors and models in the industry and has an eye for exacting style.  After helping many nervous models find their way in front of the camera, he has decided to share his insights of years of experience in a way that is easy and fun to consume.  John works everyday behind the camera instructing models and actors in a skill that millions of coaches have been missing for years.  His experience as well as precision has now been packaged to allow you to consume that experience in this amazing book.

Voices 2014 Live From the Red Carpet With ActorsE Chat

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For the first time ever ActorsE Chat will be broadcasting live from the Voices 2014 red carpet in Anaheim, California.  This is an annual event which has been bringing the best international talent from all over the world to California for many years.  The event is the place to network, make connections, learn about the industry and bring your A game.

Boasting over 500-1000 participants from all nationalities and backgrounds, the convention has become the number one destination for the community to design their careers as well as redefine them according to market trends.  The red carpet will boast some of the best actors, casting directors, and agents in the industry.  We will be there in the middle bringing you the best of all of the live coverage, fashion, and the celebrities as they make their way into the event.

Actors Entertainment is very excited to be shooting in real time for a special version of ActorsE Chat which will air next week.  The show will cover the best coverage of the red carpet as well as all of the insider industry tips which will be able to help you take your career to the next level.  ActorsE Chat is a show which broadcasts live 5 days per week from the heart of Hollywood.  With over 7 million viewers and 1200 celebrity guests, there is always something which will keep you enthralled for industry insiders, regardless of what genre you classify yourself as.  ActorsE Chat is much more than acting and features, artists, musicians, dancers, casting talent, producers, and directors as well as any other industry flavor you can imagine.

Tune in for amazing content and action packed coverage live from the red carpet with host Kurt Kelly, on ActorsE Chat 8/27/2014 at 7pm PST.  We look forward to seeing you there live!

Child Singer and Talent Kayley Stallings on ActorsE Chat

Watch Now:
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Kayley Stallings has been singing, dancing, and performing since she was 6 years old.  She hails from Ohio, but has been living in Hollywood for the past 7 years perusing her dream on stage.  She will be stopping by ActorsE Chat on 8/27/2014 at 10am PST or 1pm EST to discuss her time in the business as well as all of the exciting projects she is currently working on.

ActorsE Chat is a coproduction of Live Video, Inc. and Pepper Jay Productions.  We bring you the best from the heart of Hollywood 5 days per week and ensure that you are always plugged into everything inside the industry.

Casting Director and Acting Coach Hal Masonberg on ActorsE Chat

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Hal Masonberg will be appearing on ActorsE Chat on 8/26/2014 at 10am PST and 1pm EST.  He will be sitting down to discuss all of his time in the industry as well as projects he is currently working on.  Hal has been a casting director for over 20 years.  He has worked with many of the largest casting directors in the industry including casting for the movies, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, and many other movies.  He also has expanded his experience recently in the direction of commercials.  He works with actors as well as hosts auditions to ensure that he gets the best actors for the roles.  He also is an expert at focusing on the needs of the agents and the roles to make sure that the actors are right for the role in question.

Through all of his time in casting he has got to know all of the intricacies of the industry which has made sure that he is able to help actors understand all of their surroundings as well as how to use all of their characteristics to their advantage to ensure that all of the tools at their disposal are at work for them.  That also means that they need to have a deeper understanding of their lives as well as their own inner landscape as an actor.

Hal has created a custom approach to allow them to take control of their environment and redefine it int heir favor.  The environment is not something that they should fear, but is instead something that they should learn to control and dominate.  Hal teaches classes on a  regular basis to make actors excel and learn everything they need to in order to be able to succeed at their craft.

ActorsE Chat is a co production of Live Video, Inc. and Pepper Jay Productions.  The show is taped live 5 days a week out of the heart of Hollywood.  We work hard to bring you the best on the inside of the velvet rope and to give you access to all things that will allow you to get in touch with your inner artist.

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ActorsE TV Series @ VOICE 2014 with Host Kurt Kelly

ActorsE Chat Television Series with host Kurt Kelly from the VOICE Red Carpet Reception

Wed, August 27, 2014 7pm – 10pm

Voice Actors and Celebrities planning on attending the events and wishing to be part of this interview special episode are encouraged to email subject: Scheduling VOICE Red Carpet Reception. To attend VOICE 2014 convention
For VoiceActing Academy coaching and workshops, see

Kurt Kelly will also be hosting a panel during the convention this Friday August 29. 2014 at 4 PM on Classic Careers

The VOICE 2014 Convention is August 27-30, 2014, Anaheim Hilton, Anaheim, CA, USA
Address: 777 W Convention Way, Anaheim, CA 92802
Phone:(714) 750-4321

Wednesday, August 27, 2014 - 7pm
(No host bar and light snacks available)
This star-studded Kick-off event is held the night before the official opening of the VOICE convention. Many of the top voiceover professionals attend - you never know who you might meet or the networking Red Carpet Reception connections you might make.

This event is included in the registration tuition for full convention attendees. If you have already registered for the full VOICE convention, or intend to do so, you DO NOT need to upgrade or re-register for the Red Carpet Reception.

There is a $30 per person cover charge for this event for day pass holders and those not attending VOICE. An RSVP ticket will be required for admission. Advance tickets are available here. The on-site cover charge on the evening of the reception will be $50 payable in cash only. Light snacks and cash bars will be available.

ActorsE Chat has been producing shows live from the heart of Hollywood five days a week for many years.  ActorsE Chat is an online chat show which is focused on everything happening and trending inside the industry.  There have been over 7 million viewers and 1200 celebrity guests on ActorsE Chat over the course of the past 4 years.  The show has brought some of the best talent including Cassian Elwes, Bernard Fowler, and H.B. Barnum to name a few.  The show focuses not just on actors but also on Voice Artists, Producers, Directors, Singers, Animation Designers and everything in between.

Kurt Kelly is one of the celebrity hosts on the show who was last week interviewing guests such as Dominic Polcino and Ed Begley Junior.  The show is co produced by Live Video, Inc. and Pepper Jay Productions.  Here are a few links to some of the best shows Kurt has been a part of recently.  In addition here are a few links to the sister site Actors Reporter which handles coverage of some of the best events internationally in the entertainment industry.

Kurt Kelly and Legendary Producer Cassian Elwes

Kurt Kelly and Bernard Fowler of The Rolling Stones

Kurt Kelly and James Cameron

Sheryln Chopra and Kurt Kelly

ActorsE is a Co-Production of Pepper Jay Productions and Live Video, Inc.

More on Live Video Inc

More on Pepper Jay Productions

More on Kurt Kelly

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Actor, Musician, and Artist H.B. Barnum on ActorsE Chat With Host Ron Brewington

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H.B. Barnum will be appearing on ActorsE Chat August 25, 2014 at 10am PST and 1pm EST.  He is a native of Houston and has been writing music since he was a small child.  He has been a pianist, a composer, an arranger, as well as a producer, and  a songwriter.   He won a national talent contest when he was 4 year old and then was in a motion picture right away which was called Valley of the Sun Marches On.  H.B. then continued acting on Amos and Andy television shows and then was a part of the Jack Benny Show.  He was introduced to the musical world when he made his first recording as Pee Wee Barnum in 1950.

H.B. continued his singing career as he was joining all kinds of groups of Doo Wop singers all over the United States and then was creating parodies of popular songs which had been a part of the American subconscious for years.  Finally deciding to make music under his own name in 1961 H.B. Barnum published a song named, "Lost Love" under his own name.  He was also then getting into the mode of the prolific writer.  He began writing and recording on a regular basis and then recorded three albums during the 60's.

In 1962 he began a fruitful collaboration with Bill Aken as well as with Lan-Cet Records and then became the arranger for a few different campaigns for the governor's race.  In addition to that there were many bids for the re election of the governor of California.  There was a re write that was then used for a campaign and that became a major hit helping the governor to become re elected.

Barnum quickly became known as an amazing arranger and began to do work for Lou Rawls, Count Basie, O.C. Smith, Frank Sinatra, The Supremes, Aretha Franklin, Little Richard, Gladys Knight, Al Wilson, and the Pump Girls.  He also then decided that it was time to begin the road to production as well.  He became a music producer and worked with the best and the brightest in the industry.

ActorsE Chat is a co production of Live Video, Inc. and Pepper Jay Productions.  We broadcast from the heart of Hollywood five days per week to bring you everything on the inside of the industry.  We have had over 1200 celebrity guests and have had over 6 million views.  

August 2014 News for Live Video, Inc.

August 2014 News for Live Video, Inc.
A Dynamic Update for August 2014 for Live Video, Inc. and all things Entertainment.

Published 8/24/2014

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CEO of Live Video, Inc. Kurt Kelly to Speak on Panel at Voices 2014 Convention in Anaheim

Kurt Kelly is no stranger to voice over work, he is one of the most sought after professionals in the industry.  He will be speaking on a Voice Over Learning Panel on Friday, August 29, 2014 about how to become an influential voice over artist, learn your craft, market yourself, and redefine your career.  Kurt is a master when it comes to marketing, technology, and promotion. Kurt will be joining other "voice" professionals to discuss the changes in the industry.
#voices #voiceactor #international convention #TheVoiceofExperience +Kurt Kelly @kurtkelly @livevideoinc +livevideoinc @voiceconvention

International Classes in Eurasia with Live Video, Inc., Karmasik Ses, and Dialog

Breaking into the industry is a very difficult task, without the right training it is impossible.  Live in Instanbul in September 2014 you will be able to take the last class that you will ever need: covering dramatic acting, in studio editing, and the art of voice over.  The classes will be live streamed as well as face to face.

 Kurt Kelly has been representing fortune 100 brands for the last 30 years.  He is taking his talents and knowledge and sharing it with an audience.  If you have thought about breaking into the industry you will be amazed to know that this is your golden ticket in.  Teaming up with producers and specialists in the industry Karmasik Ses Studios and Dialog, this dynamic collaboration will teach you everything that you have wanted to know from how to setup a home studio, to how to market yourself.  Stay tuned for the announcement of the time and date to sign up and become a better artist!
+Kurt Kelly @kurtkelly @livevideoinc @karmasik

Live Video, Inc. Website:
Karmasik Ses Website:
Dialog Website:


 Original Sin: Kurt Kelly and SONY PIX

Somethings are dangerous from the moment you see them.  Original Sin became a classic the moment that it hit the airwaves with Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas.  The movie was so hot that it almost garnished an NC-17 rating because of the passionate scenes between the two lovers.  Sony brings you the best in entertainment, check out this classic.  Kurt Kelly is the signature voice of Sony Pix.
@toni_banderas @angelina_jolie @SONYPIX @kurtkelly +Kurt Kelly @livevideoinc
Watch now: ORIGINAL SIN THISDT 30sec


Death Trap Kurt Kelly

For over 20 years, Death Trap has been delighting audiences with its macabre blend of murder and humor.  Check out one of the longest running shows to hit the stage, it will be a howling good time.
+Kurt Kelly @livevideoinc @kurtkelly @hollywood @englishgirl777
Watch Now: DEATHTRAP Great Lakes Theater


Celebrity Host Kurt Kelly Interviews Animation Director Dominic Polcino

Dominic Polcino has been a staple on many of the greatest shows of the past twenty years.  A few of those, not so small shows include: The Simpsons, Family Guy, and King of the Hill.  As the director of animation he has also worked in the writing room giving us some of the most controversial and engaging episodes which have been a part of recent broadcast.  Dominic spoke about these great collaborations as well as his new project,Lovesick Fool with host Kurt Kelly on ActorsE Chat.

@actorsentertainment @actorsreporter @kurtkelly @dominicpolcino @dominicpolcino2 @livevideoinc +kurtkelly +livevideoinc

Watch Now:


Actors Reporter Special With Ed Begley Jr and Host Kurt Kelly

Actors Reporter is excited to announce an upcoming show with Ed Begley Junior.  Ed has been in the industry for over 30 years and has been nominated for over 6 Emmys for his role in St. Elsewhere.  in addition to mastering the stage, the small screen and the large screen, he is an active environmentalist.  Ed now appears with his wife on a show on Planet Green called Living With Ed.  Stay tuned for the release date of this special from Actors Reporter with Host Kurt Kelly.
@actorsreporter @livevideoinc @actorsentertainment @kurtkelly @edbegleyjr


Rocky Pixathon SONY PIX

Rocky is one of the best stories ever told.  For this reason it remains one of those stories that must be told over and over again.  We all want to hear the story of an underdog and we want to be inspired.  This is one of those tales.  Kick back and be relieved to know that you will be entertained with one of the best stories on film. Kurt Kelly is the signature voice of Sony Pix.
@SONYPIX +sonypix @kurtkelly @livevideoinc

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The Six Things You Must Know to be Successful in the Film Industry

By: Melissa English

It is everyone's dream to be on the inside of the film industry, but it is not possible for all people.  You must have talent, a big heart, an ego that is in check, and be great at building relationships if you want to succeed in the industry.  However, more than just knowing people you must also know about them.  That means as well that you must be ready for everything that goes along with that!.  There are politics which go along with the industry as well as key contacts and things yo must know to be successful in the industry.  You need to have a plan of action and also know that you need back ups for back ups.

1. Your Reputation is All That Matters!
When you are in Hollywood a deal can be made immediately with the right parties in place.  You word, your brand, and your reputation are all that you have.  Hollywood is a small town in the middle of a huge city.  That means that if you have issues such as an addiction, or if you are rude everyone will know about it before you realize you have been essentially black listed.  Hollywood loves a come back kid, but when you are trying to establish yourself that is the last thing you need to begin with.

2. A Relationship is about Mutual Goals Not Liking One Another!
As crazy as it might sound it is easier to work with someone you know, and have worked with before even if you do not like everything about them.  This is not to say that this is like working with someone who you do not like at all.  It means there may be quirks between the two of you as well as a few artistic disagreements.  However, at the end of the day the most important thing is that you are able to see eye to eye on all of the moving pieces.

3. Attitude is Everything!
Remember that just like your reputation means everything, so does your attitude.  You need to have an infectious amount of positivism to ensure that you know that others see that in you.  You should ooze light and energy when you are in the industry.  If you are not able to conform to that there is going to be an issue in the long term.  There are many people who are uber busy in the industry, this is why there is always an army of assistants as well as others who are there to ensure that everything works like clock work. It is necessary to have people to ensure that you are on top of all of these details.  Over the years there have been too many horror stories of NDAs being breached and issues getting out to the press to allow for many of the stars to justify anything other than stellar people.

4. Investors are Educated Gamblers.
When you are working with and speaking to people about funding projects, you must understand that they are in fact all betting that they will be able to make money with the project you are bringing to them.  For that reason do not assume anything.  If something happens that you are not certain of a particular matter on a project you better have a flawless pitch package as well as an answer for everything.  Doubt and hesitation to an investor equal risk.  For that reason you better be ready to pitch and to execute with the best of them.

5. All Tasks are the Same.
When a production is being made, all of the tasks which are a piece of the action are the same.  That means that we need to make sure that we are able to suck up our egos sometimes and be happy to help in any way you can.  If you realize that the goal is the production and for that reason whatever you are asked to do is as valuable as any other task, be happy you can help!  If you are not willing to realize and do that you will in fact be very sorry at the fact that you will not be able to improve your long term tactics for success.

6. Keep Your Mouth Shut!
Sometimes we are all tempted to say obnoxious sarcastic things.  Once something has come out of your mouth, you better be ready to justify it.  If you are going to be defensive or not cooperative, this is not the industry for you.  It is again a great way to find yourself on that unofficial black list that everyone mentions.  You will be amazed at all you can do when you are working together with a team in the right way.

With these cardinal rules in play, you will be on your way to being a success in the industry. Without them you will learn many of these easy lessons, the hard way.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Actor Guest Miguel Pinzon with Actress Producer Host Pepper Jay on ActorsE Chat

Watch Now:
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Miguel Pinzon is an up and coming actor who is really making a splash in Hollywood.  He was recently on ActorsE Chat. Miguel Pinzon is an actor, known for A New York Love Story (2014), A Four Letter Word (2007) and Happy Life (2011). Miguel is now a series regular on the ABC Family TV Show “Mystery Girls” with Tori Spelling and Jenny Garth!!!

ActorsE Chat is a co production between Live Video, Inc. and Pepper Jay Productions.  We work very hard to keep you plugged into all of the best of Hollywood.  We broadcast live from Hollywood 5 days per week.

Actress Guest Robin Riker with Actress Host Kristina Nikols on ActorsE Chat

Watch Now:
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Being a legend in Hollywood does not come easy.  And here is one of the most legendary actresses in recent time to tell her story on ActorsE Chat.Being discovered at a Hollywood lunch counter is the myth usually associated with Lana Turner. In the case of Robin Riker, however, it is actually true, although at the time Robin was behind the counter, serving burgers. 

Two months after her arrival in Hollywood, a television producer, who was a regular patron of the hamburger stand, decided to produce a story on the aspiring actress for his weekly magazine show. A few weeks later, Robin had 15 minutes of the most coveted tool an aspiring actress can have in her Hollywood arsenal: actual, professionally produced and aired footage. She hasn’t stopped working since.
Being able to say you have an agent and film on yourself only two short months after arriving in town was an amazing gift. “I certainly can’t call it an accomplishment,” says Robin. “It was as though my immediate good luck was the universe’s way of saying, “Okay here are a couple of signs that you made the right choice. Now… learn patience.”

Robin had been a theatre actress since the age of two. The third generation of performers from both sides of her family, she was “born in a trunk.” Actually she was almost born in a taxi on the Brooklyn Bridge, but that’s another story. Her parents, professional actors, who owned and ran theatres, had the very practical philosophy, “If you have children, use them.” Classically trained Robin grew up on stage, backstage, in the box office and selling cookies in the lobby. Even after starring in many TV series, films and countless episodics, the stage remains Robin’s first love and her favorite version of soul food. She’s been lucky enough to split her time between stage, film and television since her arrival in Hollywood.
Her stage credits include the critically acclaimed production of Arthur Miller’s All
My Sons with Neil Patrick Harris, Len Cariou and Laurie Metcalf at The Geffen Playhouse for which she received an Ovation nomination as Best Supporting Actress, Les Liaisons Dangereuses, at The Blank Theatre which garnered her a Best Actress nom also from the Ovation Awards. She worked at the Matrix Theatre in the late George Furth’s play Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex, and Sex
for which she received both LA Weekly and Ovation award noms for Best Supporting Actress. Cannibals at The Zephyr Theatre, The Kiss at City Hall
for the Pasadena Playhouse, The Falcon Theatre with Tony Danza in Bernard Slade’s I Remember You, The Ladies Room in both Los Angels and San Francisco and two off Broadway productions, Pied-a Terre
and Welcome to the Woods. The latter of the two was part of the New York 400 Festival
Her television work includes starring roles in six series. Among them are, The
Gregory Hines Show on CBS, Thunder Alley with Edward Asner on ABC, Get a
Life for FOX (her episode, Zoo Animals on Wheels, was named by TV Guide
as, One of the 50 funniest moments in TV history ) Shaky Ground, also for FOX and the ground breaking SHOWTIME series, Brothers for which she received two Ace Award nominations as Best Actress in a comedy.
Ms. Riker was most recently seen playing Hector Elizondo’s two times ex-wife on
Tim Allen’s ABC series Last Man Standing, followed by a recurring role on FX network’s Justified. Spring of 2013 marked the release of Devil May Cry a motion capture video game in which she stars playing multiple roles: a demon with too much plastic surgery, a teenager at a disco and, her favorite…a giant vomiting slug with the head and torso of a woman…kinda.
With well over a hundred television appearances, Robin can be seen in
recurring roles in wide variety of shows such as The Glades, Reba, HBO’s Hung and Boston Legal as well as guest starring roles on dozens of shows including Switched at Birth, NCIS, and BONES. She also played the role of Beth Logan on 60 episodes of the CBS soap, The Bold and the Beautiful.
Her first feature film, Alligator, has become a cult classic and was recently
named by the WhatCulture! website as possessing the “12th Scariest Movie
Monster That Came From Below.” Robin has appeared in several Disney films
Including Read it and Weep, Brink and, Don’t Look Under the Bed, as well
as a number of Indie films: Divorce Invitation, Save the Date, Holly’s
Holiday and Christmas Everyday, and two Hallmark films: This Magic Moment, and Gone but not Forgotten with Brooke Shields and Scott Glenn.

ActorsE Chat is a co production of Live Video, Inc. and Pepper Jay Productions.  We work hard to keep you plugged into all things Hollywood, broadcasting live 5 days per week from the heart of the city.

Actors Ramon De Ocampo and Terrell Tilford and host Brenda Epperson on ActorsE Chat

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Ramon De Ocampo and Terrell Tilford sat down with Brenda on ActorsE Chat to discuss their time in the industry as well as their upcoming projects.  Terrell Tilford and Ramon de Ocampo are currently performing in “the Curse of Oedipus” at the Antaeus Company.
Ramon De Ocampo is an actor, known for xXx: State of the Union, ‘Til Death and Happy Endings. He also joined the cast of The West Wing and narrates for the extremely popular book series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
TERRELL TILFORD is currently preparing to reprise his role as “Sean”, the wealthy, intelligent lawyer and ex- of LisaRaye’s “Keisha” on the hit VH1 scripted-series “Single Ladies”. Last summer, he played the role of Deli in the West Coast premiere of Kwame Kwei-Armah’s stage play Elmina’s Kitchen. Prior to that, Terrell was last seen on stage in the award-winning ensemble StickFly at The Matrix (LA) and in NYC as Laertes in the NPTC’s Hamlet. Terrell received critical acclaim in the West Coast premiere of the Tony Award winning Take Me Out at the Geffen Playhouse.
TV Series regular: “The Protector”, “One Life to Live” & “Guiding Light”. Recurring: “24”, “Soul Food”, “Lincoln Heights”, “Star Trek: Enterprise”, “Shark”, “MDs” & “All of Us”. Guest star: “NCIS”, “Army Wives”, “Bones”, “CSI:NY”, “The District”, “Girlfriends”, “My Wife & Kids”, & “CSI”, “Half & Half”, “Cosby” and “Coach”.
Regional Theatres: Guthrie, McCarter, Crossroads, Actors’ Gang, LA Theatre Works, Black Dahlia and a slew of NYC houses.
An MFA graduate of Rutgers University and UC Berkeley, he was nominated for an NAACP Image Award as outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama Series and has received the LA Drama Critics, NAACP Theatre Award, Garland, LA Stage Alliance & Ovation awards.
Terrell has been married to his triple-threat-of-a-wife for 10+ years and they divide their time between Los Angeles, New York, a lot of Atlanta & occasionally New Orleans.

ActorsE Chat works hard to keep you completely entertained and plugged into all things Hollywood five days per week.  Broadcasting live in the heart of Hollywood, it is a co production between Pepper Jay Productions and Live Video, Inc.