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Governor Rick Snyder : Film Industry in Michigan

Governor Rick Snyder
Clearly I understand why there are those that question your ability to run the Great State of Michigan

Support the Michigan Film Industry
It may be too late to change Governor Snyder’s mind on this important issue for our state, but it’s not too late to convince the legislature that it’s a bad decision. Please sign our petition, tell us your stories or thoughts so we can show them how important this is to our citizens and donate ...
New Ernst & Young Report Shows Positive ROI from Michigan's Fast Growing Film and Television Industry 
State’s Top Convention & Visitors Bureaus Commissioned the Study in Late 2010
I am a native from Cheboygan, Michigan; now residing in Los Angeles. My entertainment career began in Northern Michigan, and I am proud of the State from where it all began. 

We all make mistakes, and grow from being able to learn from them and make change. Clearly, you might want to rethink your position on the entertainment industry. The model that was in place was beginning to caught on here in Hollywood that would have continued to grow into untold proportions [if left in tact, and/or expanded], and is now  a "HUGE STOP SIGN -- with many cautioning to stay away from Michigan!" Before it is too late, and the damage is irreparable; you might want to reconsider the innumerable benefits of having the "Greatest Entertainment Incentives on the planet in the Great State of Michigan":

- the tax incentive was creating new jobs that would otherwise be done elsewhere [outside of Michigan]
- Television, Film, and entertainment projects are like a FREE GIANT POSTCARD FOR TOURISM [fans go on vacation and trips to see places that they might not otherwise go], thus creating even greater untold benefits for the State
- Given time, the revenue streams, and R.O.I. could grow at staggering proportions
- Businesses and Taxpayers [workers, families, and others] would gravitate to the State for jobs in entertainment, and related service industries.

Feb 21, 2011 ... Study shows Michigan movie-makers generated $6 for every $1 invested. Others say the program costs more than it produces. ›

Is it possible that you acted too quickly in a haste to stop waste in Michigan. Perhaps, the spin-control is a big press conference to extend the credit [which was/is working], and open it up to include additional aspects of entertainment?! Why shouldn't Michigan become the new entertainment capital of the world?The world already knows of the many talents from Michigan in music, television, film, etc. Why not bring the world back to Michigan, as the new home to birth many new entertainment venues for generations to come; while promoting great Michigan attitudes to the world.
Unfortunately, the ripple effect is huge [see below]!! 
I truly support you, in your efforts to reconsider your position on this matter so vitally critical; to so many related industries, that would benefit from a reversal of your current position of the entertainment credits in Michigan. Feel free to reach me in Los Angeles at 310-925-2709 if you would like to discuss this matter directly.


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On May 7, 2011, at 11:30 AM, KURT KELLY <> wrote:
Rep. Vicki Barnett (District 37)

Thank you for sharing the concerns of so many over the tragic decision of the Governor to slash the film industry in Michigan. Unfortunately, the ripple effect is huge!! 

Yesterday, I sat in a board room at the Sunset Gower Studio lot with 20+ Industry Professionals; and clearly the opinion here in Hollywood, is that "Thanks to the new Governor, the Film Industry in Michigan is dead!" The longer this drags on,the greater the impact of lost jobs and revenues will be for the Great State of Michigan. Even the large slate of films that I have been working on for quite some time are clearly now in discussion about moving all of the jobs elsewhere:

- An African Tale ($30M) Project MI
- Bethlehem or Bust ($12M) Project MI
- Cigarette ($30M) Project MI
- Kalahari 3D Animation ($30M) Project MI
- Our Father ($15M) Project MI
- Swing Doctors ($17M) Project MI
- The Human Factor ($10.5M) Project MI
- The Science of Cool ($6M) Project MI
- The September Testament ($12M) Project MI
- and several others

Aside from the amount of time and energy we invested into bring these jobs to my home State, this deeply saddens me on a far greater level for the family, friends, and other professional I know still residing in Michigan who desperately need those jobs.

If I may assist your efforts in lobbying to save the Film Industry in Michigan, feel free to contact me directly at 310-925-2709.

Wishing you and yours only the best always in 2011

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On Fri, May 6, 2011 at 2:58 PM, Rep. Vicki Barnett (District 37) <> wrote:
Mr. Kelly,

Thank you for contacting my office to share your views on this
important issue.  I agree that the Film Credits are an asset to our
state's economy and we must fight to keep them in place.

I was immensely disappointed to see the rollback of this valuable
program included in the Governor’s budget proposal. We have already
seen that the credits are working to attract an industry which already
brought thousands of jobs to our state and contributed millions of
dollars to our economy.   We must give this industry time to grow and
develop in our state and I will continue to fight for this valuable

To this end, I was proud to stand side by side with industry leaders
and workers of all kinds at a recent rally in support of saving the film
credits held at the Masonic Temple in Detroit.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me.  I hope
you will continue to share your thoughts as I continue to work with my
colleagues in the legislature to move our state forward.


Vicki Barnett
State Representative
37th District

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 State Representative Vicki Barnett
37th House District
Please be advised, that as a Entertainment Professional who grew up in
Michigan [and by choice], who still maintains a company there; I am
truly appalled at the actions by the new Governor!
 Michigan's new FILM CREDITS WORK! As an Executive
Producer/Director-Voice Artist/Actor, I am very involved professionally
in the film, television, and entertainment industry in Hollywood. I am
very active in networking groups, and in projects [including a slate of
films] intended for Michigan. Because of the comments by the new
Governor, many in the industry are already redirecting, and planning to
put projects elsewhere intended for Michigan.
These projects are a "free post card" for tourism to the Great Lakes
State every time they air, play, and are shown globally. People go to
where the movies are made....hmmmm, HOLLYWOOD?! Michigan has a real
chance to create another industry more resilient than cars.
Historically, when the economy goes bad, entertainment still thrives.
People always want to be entertained. Michigan should entertain the
thought of becoming the next Great State, to become the "New Hollywood"
of North America! Presently, Michigan offers the highest tax incentives
to attract business outside of Canada. Clearly Hollywood saw truckloads
of business move to Canada as a results of incentives. Wouldn't it be
great if Michigan, became the State that actually kept jobs in America
[for a change]! Please cast your vote on the behalf of my companies,
myself, and my fellow colleagues in the entertainment industry for
keeping jobs in America, and keeping the tax credits strong for
television, film, and entertainment incentives in Michigan. Please do
not let the "new" Governor "mess up a good thing!" Like all good things,
they take time, and Michigan has yet to see the full benefit of these
great incentives that potentially will continue to bring jobs back to
the Mid West and to the Great Lakes State of Michigan.


Wishing you and yours only the best always in 2011

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