Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ode To Michael Jackson by Apollo Poetry

Ode To Michael Jackson by Apollo Poetry

Society. I must ask you now.

Do you Remember The Time when a man inspired us to not Stop until We Had Enough?

And once we did, he told us to Beat It.

The Man in the mirror saw himself in Black and White.

Because he realized it would take a Thriller to Heal the World.

Do we mourn the loss of an icon? Does death seem more real to us now?

Heroes aren’t supposed to die.

They’re supposed to live forever.

Our childhoods were supposed to always last.

Our dreams are suppose to keep us alive.

Perhaps the part of us that still believed in Neverland died a long time ago.

And since we stopped believing in our imaginations, we had to destroy anybody who didn’t give up on theirs.

I wonder if the jokes will stop now.

Now that he has lost his face, is he finally beautiful enough for society?

Now that he has angel wings, is he finally white enough for the media?

Now that he is gone, how many comedians have to re-write their act?

This is what we do humanity.

We take something beautiful and destroy it.

We do it to our bodies. We do it to our God. And we do it to our Earth.

So today, we don’t mourn the loss of an icon.

We mourn the loss of what the icon represented in our own consciousness.

We mourn the loss of our dreams. Our imagination. Our childhood.

Do you remember the time? Do you remember the time?

Back when we can play without fear of being judged.

Back when we can fly without the fear of falling down.

Back when we could smile, for absolutely no reason at all.

We have spent so much time working, that we have forgot how to play.

We have spent so much time standing still in our lives, that we have forgot how to dance.

Not only have we robbed ourselves of our childhood dreams, but we have criticized others for following theirs.

Perhaps Michael is now singing with God.

Perhaps he is flying with Peter Pan.

Perhaps he is now moon walking on the clouds of heaven.

Wherever he is, I know that he is finally free.

Free to be who he is, rather than a prisoner of who he was.

We haven’t lost an entertainer. We have lost ourselves.

And his death didn’t happen in June of 2009. It happened many years ago.

And WE…were the murderers.

The killers of our inner child. The judges of our own fate. The builders of our own prisons.

Michael Jackson.

I pray that you don’t rest in peace.....

I hope that you dance in it.

California State Budget Crisis Not Caused by the Recession

California State Budget Crisis Not Caused by the Recession

The budget crisis in California was artificially created by cutting taxes on the wealthiest people and corporations. The current “crisis” is a shock and awe process designed to undermine wages and unions in the state and force labor concessions to protect corporate profits.

According to the California Budget Project, tax cuts enacted in California since 1993 cost the state $11.3 billion dollars annually. Had the state continued taxing corporations and the wealthy at rates equal to those fifteen years ago we would not have a budget crisis today.

Half of all state revenue comes from personal income taxes paid by working people, and another third comes from sales and use taxes. The result is that as a percent of income, taxes hit the lower paid workers the hardest. Corporations only pay for about 1/10th of the state budget. The rest of us are bailing out the rich by accepting massive budget cuts at a time when less spending will only exacerbate the economic situation.

Unions and working people need to say no to massive state budget cuts, and fight for every service and job possible.

Peter Phillips
Professor of Sociology
Sonoma State University.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thank You John Gehron

Thank You John Gehron

Thank you for John for the best lesson of my life. Today I saw someone in in pain; and thanks to you, the message might have helped:

On a side bar about: "She never ever returned the favor", yes it has happened to me. I gave up wasting time worrying about who I've helped and what they did in return for me. It's Karma. It's not what I get back, it's only about what I give.

Over 20 years ago, I made a promise [that I keep to this day] to John Gehron [then at WLS - ABC, Chicago]. It was a simple request John made:

"If I open the doors for you, when you spot talent, do the same for them!"

At the time, I did not realize the magnitude of that request. However, I have always kept that promise. John in later years opened the door to my career at ABC, CBS & many other places. "Thank you John, for the best lesson of my life! Thank you God, for putting John in my life." Hope this helps the sting.

"The Voice Of Experience"

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Kurt Kelly
, Professional Voice Artist - Actor

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Soap Box

Soap Box

We have designed this section to assist you in promoting yourself, your events, your charity, your career, or someone that you feel really deserves a shot. Let's face the reality, we are all in this together and no one truly makes it alone. So, consider this your new "soap box" if you will.... your new corner to blow your horn, or to give someone else the extra acknowledgment they truly deserve.

Feel free to promote your events on my web sites, comments and blogs

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mind Boggling Excellence Movie

Mind Boggling Excellence Movie

Mind Boggling Excellence Movie, was Produced at AET in Santa Monica by Kurt Kelly & Jason Workman.

Mind Boggling Excellence Movie, is a historical time capsule documentary from the beginning of time - into the foreseeable future. This time capsule features: Pink Floyd - On The Run, Kurt Kelly, ABC News, Peter Jennings, JFK, NASA, CBS News, Moon Landing,Walter Cronkite, Dark Side Of The Moon, Money, Martin Luther King, Neal Armstrong, Martin Luther King, Richard Nixon, Jason Workman, Barack Obama, Sixth Sense, Twilight Zone, Rod Serling, The Tonight Show, NBC, Dean Martin, Star Trek, James T. Kirk, Kurt Kelly - Nostradomus