Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Six Things You Must Know to be Successful in the Film Industry

By: Melissa English

It is everyone's dream to be on the inside of the film industry, but it is not possible for all people.  You must have talent, a big heart, an ego that is in check, and be great at building relationships if you want to succeed in the industry.  However, more than just knowing people you must also know about them.  That means as well that you must be ready for everything that goes along with that!.  There are politics which go along with the industry as well as key contacts and things yo must know to be successful in the industry.  You need to have a plan of action and also know that you need back ups for back ups.

1. Your Reputation is All That Matters!
When you are in Hollywood a deal can be made immediately with the right parties in place.  You word, your brand, and your reputation are all that you have.  Hollywood is a small town in the middle of a huge city.  That means that if you have issues such as an addiction, or if you are rude everyone will know about it before you realize you have been essentially black listed.  Hollywood loves a come back kid, but when you are trying to establish yourself that is the last thing you need to begin with.

2. A Relationship is about Mutual Goals Not Liking One Another!
As crazy as it might sound it is easier to work with someone you know, and have worked with before even if you do not like everything about them.  This is not to say that this is like working with someone who you do not like at all.  It means there may be quirks between the two of you as well as a few artistic disagreements.  However, at the end of the day the most important thing is that you are able to see eye to eye on all of the moving pieces.

3. Attitude is Everything!
Remember that just like your reputation means everything, so does your attitude.  You need to have an infectious amount of positivism to ensure that you know that others see that in you.  You should ooze light and energy when you are in the industry.  If you are not able to conform to that there is going to be an issue in the long term.  There are many people who are uber busy in the industry, this is why there is always an army of assistants as well as others who are there to ensure that everything works like clock work. It is necessary to have people to ensure that you are on top of all of these details.  Over the years there have been too many horror stories of NDAs being breached and issues getting out to the press to allow for many of the stars to justify anything other than stellar people.

4. Investors are Educated Gamblers.
When you are working with and speaking to people about funding projects, you must understand that they are in fact all betting that they will be able to make money with the project you are bringing to them.  For that reason do not assume anything.  If something happens that you are not certain of a particular matter on a project you better have a flawless pitch package as well as an answer for everything.  Doubt and hesitation to an investor equal risk.  For that reason you better be ready to pitch and to execute with the best of them.

5. All Tasks are the Same.
When a production is being made, all of the tasks which are a piece of the action are the same.  That means that we need to make sure that we are able to suck up our egos sometimes and be happy to help in any way you can.  If you realize that the goal is the production and for that reason whatever you are asked to do is as valuable as any other task, be happy you can help!  If you are not willing to realize and do that you will in fact be very sorry at the fact that you will not be able to improve your long term tactics for success.

6. Keep Your Mouth Shut!
Sometimes we are all tempted to say obnoxious sarcastic things.  Once something has come out of your mouth, you better be ready to justify it.  If you are going to be defensive or not cooperative, this is not the industry for you.  It is again a great way to find yourself on that unofficial black list that everyone mentions.  You will be amazed at all you can do when you are working together with a team in the right way.

With these cardinal rules in play, you will be on your way to being a success in the industry. Without them you will learn many of these easy lessons, the hard way.
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