Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Singer Shelley Fisher: "The Hebrew Hillbilly" on ActorsE Chat With Host Ric Drasin

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Shelley Fisher hails from Memphis, Tennessee where she grew up in the heart of Dixie.  She had mastered the art of southern cooking by the time she was 10 years old and was pleasing the neighborhood with her delectable craft.  As Shelley began to blossom in her adolescence she began to take up singing as well as perfect her cooking skills.  She very quickly became a beacon of the region for her voice, curves, and cooking.  Her father passed away at the age of twelve leaving her in a bit of shock and searching far and wide for her dreams.

After heading to Boston and earning an undergraduate degree she decided to head to UCLA.  When she got to southern California she felt right at home in the bohemian art community and took like a fish to water beginning to perform around Hollywood.  In the course of her career Shelley has performed in Playboy Clubs, at B.B. King's and in many other locations around the country.  Her beauty and southern charm make for a lovely combination of her voice and her comedic interludes which is memorable and very interactive for the audience.

Shelley has recently started a television show which combines her skills acquired throughout her life and allows her to use all of her talents at once.  Shelley sat down with host Ric Drasin on ActorsE Chat and gave him some insight on what makes a great singer and cuisine expert!

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