Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Narcissist Director and Cast with host Ric Drasin on ActorsE Chat

Narcissist Director and Cast with host Ric Drasin on ActorsE Chat

“Narcissist” is a film written and directed by Eric Casaccio. The film is produced by Steven Tylor O’Connor and Eric Casaccio.

The story of “Narcissist” is about Evan who is a kind soul who in his search for love ends up attracting Rob, a dark knight and represents the narcissist in his life. Evan is also suffering from his own issues (PTSD), post-traumatic stress disorder which keeps him struggling to find his place of truth while Rob deals with his own midlife crisis. Evan feels that this relationship is meant to be until Rob goes from a charming man to a manipulative individual and suddenly pulls the rug out from underneath Evan, which ultimately smashes his heart into a million pieces.


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