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P Radio Personality and Broadcast Executive Lee Bailey with Host Ron Brewington on ActorsE Chat

Radio Personality and Broadcast Executive Lee Bailey with Host Ron Brewington, on ActorsE Chat

Lee Bailey is a radio personality and broadcast executive. Although originally from Moreland, Georgia, Bailey’s family moved to Pittsburgh, PA where he says, ‘classmates ruthlessly teased me about my southern accent.’ Bailey said that this incessant teasing made him change the way he talked and helped him develop a style for which he is now so famously known as ‘The Voice.’ Bailey also states he was a regular visitor to radio stations growing up and that he has always been fascinated with radio.
Bailey says he joined the Air Force in order to avoid the draft during the Vietnam War. Additionally, he stated that he learned radio while he was stationed in Sacramento, CA. Bailey said he would hang out at different radio stations learning all he could. Bailey reported that his broadcast career began when he landed his first radio show in 1970 as an on-air radio perosnality at station KPOP in Sacramento, CA. Not too long after that, a radio program director heard his voice on the air,and asked that he come work for him in Washington, D.C. Bailey said there were many things that came together which propelled him to success.
Lee had much notoriety  while working at Los Angeles’s KUTE-FM. Bailey's talent also led to voice over jobs for radio and television commercials in Los Angeles. Bailey converted his garage into a studio in 1979 and formed Lee Bailey Productions, a voice over production company. Lee Bailey Productions specialized in radio commercial spots and corporate slide presentations. As the company expanded, Bailey and his wife, Diane Blackmon Bailey, created RadioScope: the Entertainment Magazine of the Air, a syndicated radio show which debuted on station KACE and at its peak was on 150 stations. Around the same time in 1983, Bailey formed Bailey Broadcasting Services (BBS).

Bailey reports have a passion for helping others as well.  Bailey states he would like to be remembered as "a good guy…someone who contributed to the betterment of society…someone who helped somebody else.’


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