Sunday, August 16, 2015

P Ruth and Angie McCartney with Host Christine Harte on Actors Echat

Ruth and Angie McCartney with Host Christine Harte on ActorsE Chat

Actors Echat presents Angie McCartney and her daughter Ruth McCartney to discuss their latest ventures and the life view as family of one of the Beatles.

Angie McCartney is the stepmother of the famous Beatle, Sir Paul McCartney. Angie became a widow at a young age and starting raising her daughter Ruth alone. Angie tells the story of how she met Jim and how their romance developed. Angie talks about her life over the years and how she always focuses on the bright side of life. To tell her story to the world, Angie McCartney has published her memoir which she discusses on ActorsE chat. The title of Angie’s new book is “My Long and Winding Road”. Angie is also a successful entrepreneur and lover of tea. Angie started an organic tea company in her seventies and believes that the ritual of drinking tea brings people together.

Ruth McCartney is Angie's daughter from her first marriage. When Ruth's mother Angie married Jim McCartney, he adopted Ruth as his own daughter. On ActorsE chat she talks about growing up McCartney and her love of tea as well. Ruth has many entrepreneurial ventures of her own and is the CEO of which is an agency of creative digital media and is also the Co-Founder of which is a fan management software company. She is also president of which is a company specializing in QR technology and marketing software.

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