Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A The Deyan Institute of Voice Artistry with host Cerris Morgan-Moyer on ActorsE Chat

The Deyan Institute of Voice Artistry with host Cerris Morgan-Moyer on ActorsE Chat

P.J. Ochlan is a Deyan Institute Founding Member. The Deyan Institute of Voice Artistry was founded in 1990 and is legendary in the audiobook industry. It was founded by Bob and Debra Deyan and has various instructors who teach voice artistry and technology. The Deyan Institute works with large publishers and handles all aspects of production including casting and directing for thousands of audiobooks. 

Since 1986 P.J. Ochlan has been an entertainment industry professional and is the founder of Dr. Dialect (www.drdialect.com). As a dialect and performance coach, P.J.’s work is enhanced by his broad and continuing experience as a working actor and director. P.J. knows how to help actors and voice-over artists work on a set, behind a microphone or in front of an audience.

P.J. has worked behind the microphone as a voiceover artist and has had over a decade of experience as a Southern California radio personality with programs on numerous stations.
P.J. is also multilingual and speaks English, Mandarin, French, German and Italian. P.J. is also a member of ATAS (Academy of Television Arts)

Amy Rubinate is a Casting Director for Deyan interactive projects with Game Changer Studios, is a voice actor and an award-winning audio book narrator. Amy is the voice of hundreds of “talking toys,” the voice behind many video game characters and is also a writer and producer for children’s television. Amy has been the voice of LeapFrog’s Tad for many years and her work has been featured in the New York Times and in the San Francisco Chronicle.


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