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P Actor and Founder of Kids Feeding the World Darris Love Guests on ActorsE Chat

Actor and Founder of Kids Feeding the World, Darris Love Guests on ActorsE Chat

Darris Love is originally from Los Angeles and currently lives in Hollywood, California.
Darris considers himself first and foremost as a Man of GOD. Darris is also an actor, producer, humanitarian, and philanthropist. Darris has been acting since a very young age and his parents put him in church plays which led to his attendance at performing arts school. Darris was discovered at his performing arts middle school, also known as Bancroft Middle School in Los Angeles. Darris was discovered at a time when Nickelodeon had been filming the scouting for roles in their series The Secret World of Alex Mack. Scouts for Nickelodeon found him when he starring in a local Black History Play. Darris had the opportunity of playing many roles in this play including the characters of MC Hammer,  Malcolm X, James Brown and Martin Luther King, Jr. and he considers this as his ‘big break’.

As an actor, Darris is best known for his roles in The Secret World of Alex Mack (1994), Gang Tapes (2001) and Waist Deep (2006). Darris also has film credits in the films Sucker Free City (2004), and Janky Promoters (2009).

Darris has also made appearances in several episodes of numerous American Television shows such as Angel, ER, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Without a Trace, and Undressed. Darris has also appeared in music videos such as Janet Jackson’s music video "All for you" (song) “Someone to Call My Lover” and the music video by Monica “All Eyez on Me”. Darris was also in the Lil Wayne music video “How To Love” (2011).
Darris Love is also the founder of Kids Feeding The World, which is a philanthropic organization dedicated to getting kids involved in world hunger. The premise for Kids Feeding The World is aimed at providing awareness about world hunger in addition to getting children involved in outreach efforts to help feed children all over the world.

Trivia: Darris Love is known as the Kobe Bryant “look alike”.


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