Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ian Foxx with Kurt Kelly on ActorsE Chat

Ian Foxx with Kurt Kelly on ActorsE Chat

Ian Foxx, producer, director, and photographer, joined Kurt Kelly on ActorsE Chat, to discuss his years of experience in the industry. Foxx shares about the road which led him from Detroit to New York, then finally to LA.  ActorsE Chat is a co-production of Live Video, Inc. and Pepper Jay Productions.

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More than 45 years ago in New York, Ian started working as a stage actor until he found himself quickly rising in the ranks from stage to the small and large screen.Ian got his start in the 1976 crime flick called Disco 9000. Although Ian was merely playing the minister at that moment in time he kept his eye on the prize. Enjoying the genre of crime and suspense, Foxx continued acting in films such as Penitentiary and Penitentiary II ,which tell us the story of a group of roving bikers who sought justice for the death of a prostitute.

Foxx continued to find action and crime roles which led him to, Into the Homeland. It is the story of a father searching for his daughter who is lost to a Midwest white supremacist group. Ian then decidedly changed his career path to commercial photography, and has enjoyed working on set as a still photographer. In addition, Foxx has opened his own photography shop in Los Angeles, where he's collaborated with some of the most prestigious companies in the Fortune 500 range.

Ian most recently wrote, produced, and directed a film called ,The Club. At the age of 70 Foxx is working on growing his photography business and continues to explore many creative options.  For those who missed the show, click on the link above. 

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