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Stogie Kenyatta with Kurt Kelly on ActorsE


Stogie Kenyatta is an entertainer who is known for his long history in film, television, and comedy. Stogie's first role was in 1985 in The Eagle and the Bear, where he played a bartender. Stogie continued to garner small roles as well in The Man with the Wallet which was a television comedy. Stogie's next big break was on Matlock which was a very renowned show that stayed on television for years. Stogie was establishing himself as a presence on television. Stogie then went onto Hill High, a television show which was nominated for an Emmy. Stogie was also in the cast of Jake and the Fat Man which was another television favorite that had a huge following.  

Following his success in TV shows, Stogie participated in television movies and got a role in Marked for Murder. It was Marked For Murder which opened the door to stream of success for Stogie as he was then a part of Tyson, ER, Party Girl, Murder One, Renegade, and The Second Civil War. Stogie continued to garner larger and larger roles as he became a part of Jag, The Bold and the Beautiful and then became a regular on the Bernie Mac Show. As an expert comedian, Stogie also made the cross as well over to film.

Stogie has been a part of Up in the Club, and was the comedian on stage in the movie. This was the story of a gangster who opened a bar and comedy club, and did not like the terms of the money he had borrowed from the mob. After this, there were many other roles Stogie also took on such as in Batman & Robin. Having a multi-skilled personality, Stogie has accomplished so much including being awarded with a NAACP for his solo show The World Is My Home - The Life of Paul Robeson. 

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