Friday, May 29, 2015

-!(2) Speaker, Humorist, Trick Roper and Gun Spinner Will Roberts on ActorsE Chat with Host Breanne Silvi

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Speaker, Humorist, Trick Roper and Gun Spinner Will Roberts on ActorsE Chat with Host Breanne Silvi

Will Roberts is a speaker, trick roper, gun spinner, and humorist. Will is also an author and political satirist. In other words, Will is a man of many hats. Will Roberts is also known as a modern day “Will Rogers”.  Will originally comes from Illinois and moved around a lot with his family at a young age. His family finally settled in Monterey, California.

Will Roberts is well known as a high-energy speaker and always is incredibly insightful. Additionally, Will is an internationally renowned performer and humorist. Will is notable for bringing back common sense and simplicity to America. Will is also known as a Cirque du Soleil artist who performs on the Las Vegas Strip. Will also practices his own simple sense advice. Will also holds roles as a business owner, social media and networking consultant, author, television segment host, and certified performance coach. It seems there is nothing this man has not done.

Will is a true Cowboy in the truest sense of the word and values the skills of the West. The West is a true passion of his and Will has apprenticed with the world-renowned Mexican churros and Hawaiian paniolos to help him achieve his current level of success.
Will has an edge in the business world as he has been working with leading corporations such as Ebay, Bain Capital, Ford Motor Company, and Wells Fargo since 2000. Will also has a passion for sharing the arts of the West such as trick roping, gun spinning, whip cracking and other tricks topped with a good dose of humor on the side.

Currently, Will is producing a cartoon called “Will Say” and “Will Roberts’ Weekly Telegram” as a political variety show. This aims to bring a contrasting view and often refreshingly unusual viewpoints which can be explored by all and of course, respectfully shared. 

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