Friday, May 29, 2015

-!(2)DJ & Author Stephen Aaron Grey on ActorsE Chat

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DJ & Author Stephen Aaron Grey on ActorsE Chat

DJ & Author Stephen Aaron Grey is also known as Freaky Flow. Freaky Flow is his stage name. Aaron grew up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Aaron began to DJ as a hobby while he was attending high school. Aaron loved being a DJ so much that it eventually developed into a career while he earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of Toronto. In 2009, Aaron moved to Los Angeles, California. Aaron has traveled frequently as a DJ and decided to write a book about the changing dynamics of society and wrote about a utopian society titled “Ant Farm”.

Aaron decided to write this book because he is passionate about liberty and societal issues. Since having traveled the globe as an internationally acclaimed DJ (under his stage name ‘Freaky Flow’), Aaron has come to recognize that freedom works, and too much control does not work. Therefore, Aaron's book Ant Farm expresses those ideas. Aaron uses his ideas in a creative narrative that anyone can easily digest. Aaron uses his academic history to his advantage when he put the book together. Aaron's academic background has focused on world religions and cultural sensitivity. Aaron utilizes his knowledge advantageously which contributes to the universal impact of the philosophies that he holds so dear. The main inspiration for this book was that there was no book out there that did not simplify these concepts for the average reader. Aaron decided to write in simple terms so that all people would be able to pick it up, read it, and understand it. Aaron uses the metaphors of the ants so that it is not too political in nature, but instead easier to understand for all readers. 

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