Thursday, November 27, 2014

Taylor Hay with Kurt Kelly on ActorsE

Taylor Hay with Kurt Kelly on ActorsE

Actress, singer, dancer, Taylor Hay joins Kurt Kelly on ActorsE Friday morning at 10 AM PDT/1 PM EDT on November 27, 2014.  Watch the show live 

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Taylor is an accomplished actress who has been acting since the age of 4.  She has been acting in everything from the web to film, television, and commercial advertisements.  Her first role was in a short which was called Interminal which was the story of a little girl who is lost in a train terminal.  This was in 2006 and was the stepping stone which took Taylor to bigger and better roles.  Taylor landed the role of Tiffany in the Blue Rose the following year which was a full feature film.  This was the story of a real estate agent, who was also a part-time drug dealer.  

Taylor then learned how to do voice over work in the animated series, Yes Virginia which answered that age old question of if there is a Santa Clause for children everywhere, but in 1897 Victorian style.  
Taylor's career took a more light-hearted turn when she was on two episodes of Up in Arms, which was a television show which allowed teenagers to address social issues in America with commentary and a fresh hearted approach.  Taylor was also able to really find her roots when she was dancing and singing for her role in Dream-A Tweeny Musical.  In 2013 Taylor got to play the part of the all-American teenager in A Day in the Life, this was the story of a cheerleader against a nerd in a battle of the brains for dominance.  Taylor in 2013 had the pleasure of being a part of Stage Mommies which is a reality show which highlights the life of stage mothers and the effect they have on their children.  

Again going back to her dramatic roots in 2013 she also was a part of Monster Killer, the story of a 155 year old Civil War Slave who returns to Earth to murder serial killers as well as seek Vengence on those who do wrong.  She also was a part of Escape from Hell, this was a television episode which told the story of a teenage girl who is kidnaped by a captor who thinks it is the best thing for her.  

Taylor also starred in 2014 in Wish Wizard which opened up the possibility of how life could change for teenagers if parents had the ability to know what their children were thinking.  

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