Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Actor Matt Riedy with Host Julie Kathleen Langan on ActorsE Chat

Actor Matt Riedy with Host Julie Kathleen Langan on ActorsE Chat

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Matt Riedy is a Film and Television veteran with television credits for the likes of The Fugitive (2000), Vanished (2006), Boston Legal (2007), Las Vegas (2006 – 2007), Chuck (2008), cult television series Dollhouse (2009), Desperate Housewives (2010), Sons of Anarchy (2011), Community (2012), a recurring character in Days of Our Lives (2012), and Raising Hope (2013). His film career includes credits for Delta Farce (2007), Oliver Stone’s Savages (2012), and Coffee Town (2013).

This year is a big year for the actor as he has a supporting role in The Judge released early October staring Roberts Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall. Matt co-stars opposite Cam Gigandet and Wes Bentley in Broken Vow; a thriller about a charming yet troubled man who is rejected by a woman he initially seduced and spirals into a rage. He is also featured in several other films this year including the comedy romance of Frank v. God and the dramedy The Road Within.

Matt was born in Buffalo, New York and graduated from West Senecca East High School. When he was at Erie Community College he was complimented on the quality of his voice by a family friend and joined the radio club; six weeks later and he was a disc jockey – a job he would go on to do for fourteen years in Buffalo, Miami, San Francisco and Seattle. In 1983 he took up doing stand-up comedy on the side and in 1986 he hit the road full time till 1997.

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