Saturday, November 15, 2014

Breaking News! As Night Comes: An Exclusive Question and Answer Session and Screening

As Night Comes: An Exclusive Question and Answer Session and Screening

Official Trailer

As Night Comes: From Dusk Til Dawn

AS NIGHT COMES producer/co-writer/director Richard Zelniker, co-producer/actor Jesse Kove and cast members Luke Baines (playing Ricky), Myko Oliver (playing Sean), Evanne Friedmann (playing Sarah) will participate in a Q&A at the Music Hall after the 4:40 screening on Saturday, November 15.  Arrival 3:45 PM, Screening 4:40 PM

Troubled 17-year-old Sean Holloway falls in with a group of teenage outcasts called 'The Misfits,' whose charismatic leader, Ricky, takes him under his wing. But as Sean becomes more and more entangled in the gang's anarchist ways, things begin to spiral out of control, and Sean realizes Ricky is a ticking time bomb on a rampage of revenge. On the eve of Halloween, as night comes, everything explodes…

Soundtrack featuring Blue Stahli, Atari Teenage Riot, Icky Blossoms, Elektrik People, SonicC, The Rocketboys, Standing Shadows, Chaptabois, Cougarettes, DJ Skribble, Streetlab, Thugg Loc, Alf Tumble, Black Bug.
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Music Hall 3 ending Nov 20th
Rated NR
Genre: Drama, Thriller/Suspense
Runtime: 106 min 
Language: English

Director: Richard Zelniker
Cast: Evanne Friedmann, Jesse Kove, Luke Baines, Martin Kove, Myko Olivier, Ryan Shoos, Stacia Hitt, Weston Cage

Bullying Continues to be an issue: Director's Statement:

Whether searching for an identity when you’re 17 or bullied by high school friends, it’s terrifying to have to make choices when you’re the new kid in school.

Troubled 17-year-old Sean Holloway falls in with a group of teenage outcasts called 'The Misfits,' whose punk rock leader, Ricky Gladstone, takes him under his wing. But as Sean becomes more and more entangled in their anarchistic ways, things spiral out of control, and Sean realizes Ricky is a ticking time bomb on a rampage of revenge.

We wanted to draw fully developed people in this high school story of teen crime and violence.  Co-written with then 16 year-old Ryan Koehn, it was a fortuitous coming together. I had Ryan keep his ear and eye on the pulse of our characters as we developed the story.  I demanded he keep me honest and real in staying true to the “voice” and “tone” of today’s youth.   As I completed a draft Ryan would go through the script and rewrite anything that didn’t ring true. What an amazing experience for me in co-writing and directing this film.  His young perspective helped me make the most honest film that I could.

The film draws us into the world of inner turmoil and brutal conflict.  Whether it’s in an abusive home or peer pressure at school, these small town youths struggle to find their identities among a swirling subculture of underage drinking, drug use, and dangerous people. 

My intention was to illicit raw, deep and honest emotion – I wanted to create almost a documentary experience that hits you with its starkness and brutal truth- as if we are following these kids with a camera, not just to get a peek- but to be submerged in their complicated lives - the dark green colors and dark blues set a tone not only mysterious and suspenseful, but tactile and real.  

The performance by Luke Baines as the androgynous Ricky gave me the license to deal specifically with the ambiguity of teenage sexuality.  Myko Olivier as Sean, who’s cast as the good looking “odd man out”, breaks the norm of the awkward-looking outcast.
Photographed with images that are terrifying and haunting, I was influenced by Kubrick’s work in Clockwork Orange and some of the equally haunting images in Hitchcock’s films.

My compositions and dark imagery helped style the edit to avoid clich├ęs and cheap tricks, instead forcing us inside the pain, fear and excruciating confusion that lives inside so many young people today. The film doesn’t look "at" a social teenage issue and offer a glossy solution. It demands that we feel the desperation of its trapped protagonists.  My hope is that the pain is intolerable and the fear constant.

Where so many filmmakers today rely on horrific violence, gore and external terror to hold our attention, I want to make you feel every painful moment. This is a story about childhood agony that reveals itself unexpectedly and you are left shaken to the core without one "shock shot".  My hope is that your heart is in your mouth from the first five minutes through to the final exhale.

I made a choice to never jolt you with that sudden scream but keep you wrapped in the psychic horror of teenage agony. The intention is for “As Night Comes” to open a much-needed conversation - no - demand that it be shouted from a rooftop.

-Richard Zelniker

The Process in Development: A Look Back

The journey to the release of the movie has been one that was rewarding and inspiring. Actors Reporter first spoke with Martin Kove at AFM 2013 when he was there discussing an upcoming project.    Martin was at AFM promoting Six Gun Savior, he also spoke to Kurt about the project that his son was very passionate about and had been working on for some time.  The producer and actor commented that his son was very passionate about anti-bullying, an issue everyone has dealt with at some point in their lives.  Whether we have been bullied ourselves or know someone who has it is a critical issue.  In the U.S. alone, 1 in 30,000 children attempt to stay home every day because of fear of bullying.  Of those who are bullied, one in 650,000 will commit suicide.

Jesse Kove, Martin Kove, and Ryan Koehn stopped by ActorsE Chat to speak about their project and to raise awareness for this important cause.  Ryan is a filmmaker who is very passionate about the cause.  Jesse is a talent who loves to coproduce as well as tell epic stories.  Richard Zelniker directed this film to inform and inspire youth to speak up when they are bullied.

As Night Comes: Ryan Koehn and Martin Kove on ActorsE Chat With Kurt Kelly

As Night Comes: Jesse Kove and Martin Kove on ActorsE Chat With Kurt Kelly

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