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Live Video, Inc. News November 26, 2014

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A Dynamic Update for November 2014 for Live Video, Inc. News and all things Entertainment from Hollywood to Bollywood and beyond!
Published 11/26/201411/3/2014
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Kurt Kelly Interviews Actress Vivian Kerr on ActorsE Chat

Actress Vivian Kerr stopped by at ActorsE Chat to speak with host Kurt Kelly about her journey to the small and large screen. She studied in London at BADA, concentrating on works of Shakespeare then returned to L.A. to conquer the small and large screen. Vivian is an actress, producer, and a writer. She has appeared in episodes of New Girl, Franklin and Bash, Criminal Minds, Masters of Sex, Grey's Anatomy, and The Tonight Show. Vivian continues writing, producing and she has new exciting projects to come. 

Kerr has even produced and directed films based on the Victorian style of Charlotte Bronte. She is still practicing improvisation while developing her skills.  Watch ActorsE with Kurt Kelly for an insight into the work and projects of Vivian Kerr.  

Watch Now: 

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Food On Foot: Thanksgiving Day Event

Food on Foot is an L.A. tradition and for almost 20 years it has transformed the lives of every individual who has come in contact with the organization. Homelessness is not an issue that only the lower class faces, or individuals who are not educated. According to the Global Research Center for International Globalization, over 8 million people were foreclosed on in the last 4 years, that translates to 5% of homeowners in the United States. In addition to this statistic 2 in every 8 jobs has been downsized, through no fault of the worker, but due to the issues of the economy over the past 5 years. Many people who have never been unemployed or homeless have found themselves in situations they never thought possible. Organizations like Food on Foot have been flooded with more requests for assistance than ever before. Please come and join the efforts to transform the lives of the homeless!

On Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 27, 2014 at 3:00 pm  in Hollywood; Food on Foot
will meet at the Gay and Lesbian Center 1625 North Schrader Avenue, 90028. Homeless
will be given bus tokens, warm sleeping bags, and meals. Over 100 volunteers are expected 
to assist more than 600-1,000 at this will be an event to remember. To find out more 

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Live Video, Inc. is a Global ipDTL Reseller

ipDTL is the new cutting edge of broadcasting.  Allowing for a studio or location to achieve broadcast network quality to another studio or location in real time. Live Video, Inc. [LVI] pioneered live international and domestic broadcast utilizing the HD technology. Now it is possible to setup and to broadcast from almost any location taking away much of the overhead costs and allowing you to focus on the quality of the message.  ipDTL is very easy to use and offers great customer service. Now as an international authorized reseller of ipDTL, LVI can offer you an excellent rate. 

See ipDTL, or contact LVI for sales and support via +1-310-925-2709, or email, subject line: ipDTL Sales and Service

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The Bond Way: Kurt Kelly 

James Bond has a swagger, and a style that cannot be beaten. There is a reason we look to him as the ultimate example of sophistication, coolness, and style.  Not to mention he has a way with the ladies. If you have ever wanted to be as cool as Bond, now SONY PIX is going to show you the way to a woman’s heart.  Sit back, relax, and take notes as you learn everything you need to bring a little of Bond into your life.  Tune in on the 27th of November and stay amazed on SONY PIX. Kurt Kelly is the Signature Voice for SONY PIX.

More Videos from LVI:

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Actors Reporter Special: Playground of Dreams Red Carpet Event

Playground of Dreams: Charity for Children, 2nd Anniversary Event

Visit Playground of Dreams

The Playground of Dreams 2-Year Anniversary Celebration was held Thursday, November 6, 2014; at the historic Masonic Lodge at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood, California. Actors Reporter Host Kurt Kelly covered the red carpet and gala event for a special spotlight on the Children's Charity that is  making a difference. 

Children are magical, there is no doubt about that; and Playground of Dreams knows this is the case, according to Founder Anna Herbert. Their mission is “uniting and enriching communities through the love, dreams, and creativity of our children.” Playground of Dreams hosted the red carpet event, cocktail night, live performances, celebrities and silent auction to raise money for this wonderful cause.
Actors Reporter Host Kurt Kelly, Anna Herbert, Founder the Playground of Dreams 

The Actors Reporter production for the Playground of dreams spotlight show, is a Co-Production of Live Video, Inc. and Pepper Jay Productions.

Meredith Rietz, Kurt Kelly, Ron Brewington
Meredith Rietz, Kurt Kelly, Charlotte Lake, Ron Brewington
Capt Dave Storaker LAPD and Kurt Kelly
Capt Dave Storaker LAPD and Kurt Kelly
Kurt Kelly and Dash Mihok

Kurt Kelly and Dash Mihok

Actors Reporter is airing the
Playground of Dreams: Charity for Children, 2nd Anniversary Event show about the charity event and all of the wonderful contributions which were made by caring patrons. Tune in for more about the special release date of the Playground of Dreams coverage. The interviews were hosted by Kurt Kelly live from the carpet.  

Watch the show
Watch More on Playground of Dreams: 
More about the Hollywood Forever Cemetary

Playground of Dreams,  Marcia Wieder, Julie Nony,  Anna Herbert, Alphonso Paz, Bianca Munoz,  Emanuele Secci, Elyse Levesque, Sunshine, April, Madison, Noelani, Alyssa, Aryselli, Devon Weigel, Sterling Cates & Alex, Issac Bright & Josueƃ‚,  Josue, Devon Weigel, Elyse Levesque, April, Noelani, Alyssa, Michael Greenwald, Angel Cutno, Summer Cooke, Crystal Starr & The Bowties Band, Crystal Starr Knighton, Hugh Brockington, Martin "Marty" Kove, Meredith Rietz,  Denise Kozlowski, Dean White,  Jay Ponti, POD Kid Coby, Kristen Gutoskie, Emanuele Secci, POD Kids: Cash, Michael, & Alex, Michael, Cash, Bianca Munoz, Cash & Bianca, Crystal Starr Knighton,  POD KID Kate, POD KID Lyliana, #Hollywood @kurtkelly @livevideoinc @pepperjayprods @actorsentertain @actorsradio +kurtkelly +livevideoinc +livevideoincnews +KURT KELLY +Kurt Kelly +Kurt Kelly Actor Voice Over Artist  +LiveVideo IncNews

Singer and Actress Toni Malone on ActorsE Chat With Host Kurt Kelly

Toni Malone appears on ActorsE Chat with host Kurt Kelly to discuss all of her time in the 
industry, as well as her path from her South Carolina roots to L.A. Toni's family is from the church. Many of the best gospel singers have started off that way, in the choir. Toni was the daughter of a preacher who had all the passion in the world for his pulpit, as well as for his bride of over 80 years. Malone's father made the decision to give his wife and family a better future and moved them to California when she was still a child. She grew up surrounded by artists of all types and soon found her love of the stage and song.

Watch now on:

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Wall-E is the story of a curious space robot on a mission of cleaning. He is quite surprised when he finds himself on a mission to change and save the whole world.This is a heart-warming tale with cutting edge technology coming from the same creative minds of The Incredibles and Shark Tale. Get ready to kick back and be amazed by one of the best flicks from SONY PIX. Kurt Kelly is the signature voice of SONY PIX. Tracks for Sony Entertainment Television are produced daily in the studios of Live Video, Inc. A Kurt Kelly Company.
@sonypix @kurtkelly @livevideoinc #Walle #Incredibles #SharkTale +KURT KELLY +Kurt Kelly Actor Voice Over Artist +Kurt Kelly, Actor - Voice Over Artist +Kurt Kelly +LiveVideo IncNews

World Wide Radio Summit Live From Hollywood

For the past 5 years, the World Wide Radio Summit has been held in Hollywood at the Hark Rock Cafe and the Roosevelt Hotel. See some of the 2014 footage from the opening event by Kurt Kelly from Live Video, Inc., and Randy West by Radio's Best Friend Art Vuolo Jr. at the Hard Rock in Hollywood. 
Kelly sat down with Art Vuolo, on ActorsE Chat; when Art shared stories and rare footage of broadcast legends Casey Kasem, Paul Harvey, Larry LuJack, Dick Purtan and yes even Kurt Kelly

Watch Now: 

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Live Video, Inc. Expands to Istanbul

Live Video, Inc. has continued to expand its operations all over the world. Celebrating the opening of its Istanbul office and studio, LVI is finding new ways to deliver new services to clients internationally. If you are in Europe and are seeking assistance in dubbing, casting, studios, production, transcription or anything related to media, LVI is here to assist you. We are here to offer you the best services in the industry as well as to help you achieve your dreams. Contact LVI for sales and support via +1-310-925-2709, or email, subject line: International Studios and Productions 

Kurt Kelly for Vail Products

Vail Products has a commitment to the environment which is legendary. Building some of the roughest and must rugged equipment in the industry, their commitment to protecting the environment and the future sets them apart from their competition. It is your future after all, don't you want to protect it? Vail has committed themselves to the best that can be found in the industry as well as working to reduce the carbon footprint of the environment. Kurt Kelly is the signature voice for Vail Products.

See Other Videos Made in the LVI Studios:

More About Vail Products:

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International Voice Over Services
Need Translation, Transcriptions, or Casting in any language, contact LVI at +1-310-925-2709, or via email:, Subject: Translation, Transcriptions, Casting for your next project. Finding the right voice in the language you require can be a challenge if you are not sure where to look. There are many rouge fly by night locations which will highlight their low prices. What happens when the talent does not deliver? You will be happy to know that Live Video, Inc. has that handled for you with our international voice over casting services which will allow you to find any age range, in any language, all over the world. Whatever language and person you are looking for your project we have an international databank to assist you. Find out more on:

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Celebrity Post Show Quotes From Ashley Cordelia

After the show is over, the cameras stop rolling, but the entertainment never stops. Ashley Cordelia who has appeared on numerous television shows with host Kurt Kelly; had this to say about the shows:

"... Kurt was a joy to interview with ...They provided a unique presence and ambiance that felt personal, welcoming, and real." She mentioned further that she would love to come back and do the shows again anytime.


ActorsE Chat Interviews Model, Singer, and Actress Ashley Coredelia with Host Kurt Kelly, Monday, December 9th 2013

ActorsE Flashes Back to Actors Reporter at AFM 2013 Part 4, Monday, December 16th 2013


Watch Now:
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Live Video, Inc. Opportunities

Are you looking for a dynamic job in the entertainment industry? Are you interested in a glamorous life which offers you numerous options. Are you a team work person.  We offer you to be a part of a privileged and professional team who knows how to do good business in the entertainment world. At Live Video, Inc. we are always on the go and we are in need of professional, nimble, and ambitious administrative staff.  We are looking at expanding our global footprint which means in order to be able to do that we will need assistance in the clerical and admin department. Located wherever in the world you are, come join us and be a part of this colorful world!  

We also are in need of dedicated sales staff with at least 3 years of sales experience in a challenging environment.  If you are ready to reset your life and be a part of a global expansion come and join us.  Please check the link below for more information.

Writers, Editors, and researchers are sought for Live Video, Inc. collaboration, publishing, and content creation.  This requires a minimum of 3-5 years of writing and editing experience as well as publication in a major national magazine.  

Writer/Editor/ Researcher:

Other positions

Click Here for more Information:

Find out more about Live Video, Inc. Services

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Insider Entertainment Tips: Top 6 Acting Tips from Pepper Jay and John Michael Ferrari

Get More Entertainment Tips Here 
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