Monday, December 1, 2014

Insider Entertainment Tips: Door Diligence: Published December 1, 2014

Insider Entertainment Tips: Door Diligence: Published November 24, 2014

This Week's Networking Tip:


by Eric Shaw

One day, I was at lunch with a bankruptcy attorney. He said, "Eric, see that banker sitting over there? I'd kill to talk shop with his boss." And I said, "What's stopping you? Go over there and tell him who you are and what you do. Invite him to breakfast and ask him for an introduction. What do you have to lose?"

Everyone you encounter is a door to another level. You must always look beyond. That insurance person who introduced me to his brother, was a door directly responsible for several million dollars to my bottom line.

Always consider two things: who they know and what they know. Who cares what the person does? I want to go past that. What are they going to offer me down the road? What will I be able to offer them?

There is no greater practicum on relationship-building than Door Diligence.
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