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Live Video, Inc. News December 20, 2014

Live Video, Inc. News December 20, 2014

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At Live Video, Inc., our mission is to be on the leading edge and to ensure that you are always given our best. Live Video, Inc. - A Kurt Kelly Company is always covering the latest developments and working to bring you the best in news, entertainment, technology and stories from Hollywood to Bollywood; and beyond! 

Live Video, Inc. [LVI] would like to hear from you! Please share with us any story suggestions, ideas, and new content you would like to see us cover. Submissions for consideration to Also if you would like us to have your most current contact information, please forward it to, subject line Contact Update. If you make sure we always have your current complete contact information; we can be in better touch with you to continually bring you the best. Let us know your thoughts and let's make this an awesome year of content.

LVI is full service project management from inception to end user deliveryLive Video, Inc. is an International company with expertise in all areas technology, business media consulting, finance, R&D, and full multimedia entertainment.  If you are looking to breathe life into a project, or take it to the next level; LVI has all of the expertise required to accomplish your project. For more information on technologies, consulting, finance, pre-post production, video game, casting, web development, viral marketing, social media, broadcast, multimedia, television, film and more; we are here to serve you 24-7-365. Visit, email your inquiries to, or call +1-310-925-2709 
A Dynamic Update for December 2014 for Live Video, Inc. News and all things 

Entertainment from Hollywood to Bollywood and beyond! Published 12/20/201411/3/2014

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Kurt Kelly Interviews Actress Kathleen Gati 

The multi-award-winning actress Kathleen Gati the guest of  Kurt Kelly on ActorsE appeared on December 19, 2014 at 1pm EST and 10am PST. 

As the evil character of General Hospital, Dr. Obrecht, Kathleen Gati grew up in Canda. She was the child of two Hungarian immigrants who came to Canada to offer the family a better life. Kathleen was the child of artists: her father was a symphony conductor and her mother was an opera singer.  It was in her blood to be a performer from the very beginning. The talented actress  entered the entertainment business at a very early age. She was both studying and acting by the age of three. Until the age of 20, she did ballet and drama. As a child she always made fun of her parent's accents. Perhaps that is the reason why she plays characters with accents very well and is praised by the critics for her talent. 

Kathleen was both on and off Broadway in New York for many years before she decided to return to Hungary. When she went to Hungary she stayed there for 5 years to pursue her ambitions on television and film. She was one of the best-known actresses in Eastern Europe. Following her success there she decided to move to Los Angeles. She appeared on major productions including All My Children, The Practice, NYPD Blue, ER and Desperate Housewives. Tune in to learn more about this beautiful and talented acctress.  

@kurtkelly @livevideoinc @actorsentertain @actorsreporter @englishgirl777 @SONYPIX @actorsradio @gatitweets @pepperjayprods +KURT KELLY +Kurt Kelly +Kurt Kelly Actor Voice Over Artist +Kurt Kelly Voice Over +LiveVideo IncNews +Pepper Jay +PepperJProductions . +er +thepractice #acting #producing #kathleengati #actorse #hollywood #allmychildren #generalhospital #nypdblue #desperatehousewives #Actress #KathleenGati  #host #Kurt Kelly #ActorsEChat @gatitweets @kurtkelly @livevideoinc @actorsentertain @pepperjayprods 

Raymond Presents Men of Excellence
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Some men are just a cut above. They know what it means to be a good father, mentor, and husband. The stories of these men are the stories of the good guy, who always does the right thing regardless of what it means for personal sacrifice. Men like these have been seen in movies such as The Pursuit of Happiness with Will Smith, this is the story of a single father who realizes that in order to provide for his son he must do everything that he can to have a stable home.  Will's character learns the art of trading so that he will be able to provide for his son and give him a great home. Tune into to SONY PIX to see some pillars of excellence and amazing entertainment.

See More Produced in the LVI Studios Here: 

@kurtkelly @SONYPIX @englishgirl777 @Livevideoinc # +KURT KELLY +Kurt Kelly Actor Voice Over Artist +Kurt Kelly, Actor - Voice Over Artist +Kurt Kelly +LiveVideo IncNews 

Food On Foot Hollywood Holiday Meal

We are only a few days away from our Christmas celebration on Sunday, December 21 from 2pm-5pm (note early start time) at our regular serving location of 1625 N. Schrader in Hollywood. We are expecting over 500 homeless and poor to line up for a healthy meal, new sleeping bag and bus tokens. The day will end with another "gray shirt" presentation to a well-deserving person eager to begin a new life in a full time job and apartment.

$98 Club and $225 Family Club members are welcome to attend at NO charge but due to the cost of the food, sleeping bags and bus tokens, your additional guests will be required to make donation of $100 per person through our website If you have any questions please call us at 310-860-0022.

Thanks so much for your continued support. For 980 consecutive weeks, we have turned tax burdens into taxpayers! 

Read More: 

@foodonfootla #feedthehomeless #thanksgivinginhollywood #foodonfoot #helpnow +KURT KELLY +Kurt Kelly Actor Voice Over Artist

Kurt Kelly Interviews Stogie Kenyata on ActorsE Chat

Stogie Kenyatta was born in Jamaica, the beautiful island of the Caribbean. When Stogie was a child his family moved to Brooklyn, New York and he quickly immersed himself in every branch of comedy. As a small child, Kenyatta used to enjoy watching Harry Belafonte on television, and dreamed that he would be like Belafonte when he grew up. Being one of his icons, as a child, Stogie also idolized Sidney Poitier who was born on an island and then moved to the sparkling city, New York like himself. 

Stogie started playing the piano when he was very young and became a part of plays. While growing up in New York it was very exciting for him  to learn about new cultures. Kenyatta went to college on a basketball scholarship, and then made his way to Los Angeles. He has had an extensive career in film, stand-up, and television. Stogie is also a well known writer. He has written several screenplays and also is the acclaimed writer of the solo show about African-American artist and activist Paul Robeson. Kenyatta shows great performance in the play by giving life to 12 characters from ages 5 to 65. Actors E is proud to have Stogie Kenyatta as a guest on this show. Don't miss this brilliant and funny actor. 

@kurtkelly @livevideoinc @actorsentertain @actorsreporter @englishgirl777 @SONYPIX @actorsradio @pepperjayprods +KURT KELLY +Kurt Kelly +Kurt Kelly Actor Voice Over Artist +Kurt Kelly Voice Over +LiveVideo IncNews +Pepper Jay +PepperJProductions . #comedy #standup #brooklyn #jamaica #Stogie #Hollywood #kurtkelly #livevideoinc #sidneypoitier @stogiekenyatta

Spectacular Tuesdays on SONY PIX

There is a style and a swagger that is all Hollywood. You see it in the details of a shirt cuff, in the fashion choices which are made by every actor. If you have been trying to learn the art of dressing and the art of accompaniment, look no further. We have all of the swagger, all of the style and everything that you will need to make yourself look like a Hollywood icon.

See More Produced in the LVI Studios Here: 

@kurtkelly @SONYPIX @englishgirl777 @Livevideoinc # +KURT KELLY +Kurt Kelly Actor Voice Over Artist +Kurt Kelly, Actor - Voice Over Artist +Kurt Kelly +LiveVideo IncNews 

Live Video, Inc. is a Global ipDTL Reseller
ipDTL is the new cutting edge of broadcasting, allowing for a studio or location to achieve broadcast network quality to another studio or location in real time. First used in the live broadcast from Istanbul, Turkey, Live Video, Inc. [LVI] pioneered live international and domestic broadcast utilizing the HD technology. Now it is possible to setup and to broadcast from almost any location taking away much of the overhead costs and allowing you to focus on the quality of the message. ipDTL is very easy to use and offers great customer service. Now as an international authorized reseller of ipDTL, LVI can offer you an excellent rate. 

See ipDTL, or contact LVI for sales and support via +1-310-925-2709, or email, subject line: ipDTL Sales and Service

@kurtkelly @livevideoinc @ipdtl +kurtkelly +Kurt Kelly Actor Voice Over Artist +Kurt Kelly, Actor - Voice Over Artist +Kurt Kelly +LiveVideo IncNews +KURT KELLY #ipdtl #isdnreplacement #livevideoinc #hollywood #futureofbroadcast

Live Video, Inc. Opportunities

Are you looking for a dynamic job in the entertainment industry? LVI is interested in meeting and working with the best! If you are a team work person;  LVI offers you an opportunity to grow. Be a part of a privileged and professional team who knows how to do good business in the entertainment world. At Live Video, Inc. we are always on the go and we are in need of professional, nimble, and ambitious administrative staff.  We are expanding our global footprint which means in order to be able to do that we will need assistance in the clerical and admin department. Located wherever in the world you are, come join us and be a part of this colorful world!  

We also are in need of dedicated sales staff with at least 3 years of sales experience in a challenging environment. If you are ready to reset your life and be a part of a global expansion come and join us. Please check the link below for more information.

Writers, editors, and researchers are sought for Live Video, Inc. for collaboration, publishing, and content creation. This requires a minimum of 3-5 years of writing and editing experience as well as publication in a major national magazine. 

Writer/Editor/ Researcher:
Other positions:

Click Here for more Information:

Find out more about Live Video, Inc. Services

+LiveVideo IncNews +Live Video, Inc. #jobs #opportunity #entertainment @livevideoinc #sales #advertising #writers #editors #researchers #businessdevelopment #newbusiness #adsales #television #multimedia 

Live Video, Inc. Transcription and Translation Services

If you are looking for assistance with transcription and translation services in any language, you will be happy to know that Live Video, Inc. offers these professional services at your fingertips regardless of what language you are looking for. Including Translators, Casting Services, Voice Actors [in any language, dialect, accent, gender, and age], payroll, signatory and other services. LVI covers all of the languages such as Turkish, Spanish, French, German, Thai; pick a language, we have global native professionals who speak and write it. No matter what language it is you are looking for we will be able to assist you with finding the right fit and with getting your project executed expertly timely, normally within 24-48 hours.

#translations #transcriptions #casting #translators #languages #multilingual #voiceover #actors #LVI #LiveVideoInc #Kurt Kelly #services #multimedia #production LiveVideo IncNews +Live Video, Inc. #jobs #opportunity #entertainment @livevideoinc #sales #advertising #writers #editors #researchers #businessdevelopment #newbusiness #adsales #television #multimedia 

Insider Entertainment Tips: How Not to Become a Starving Artist in Hollywood

Film directorCongratulations, maybe you have just landed your first gig in the entertainment business.
What you need to remember is just as quickly as you got there, you can be back again scrubbing dishes in the local IHOP or washing cars down the street.  Here are a few things to remember so that you do not end up back where you started.
Read the full story on 
See more Insider Entertainment Tips
LiveVideo IncNews +Live Video, Inc. #jobs #opportunity #entertainment @livevideoinc #sales #advertising #writers #editors #researchers #businessdevelopment #newbusiness #adsales #television #multimedia #entertainmenttips #entertainment #tips #hollywood #bollywood

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