Thursday, July 2, 2015

! Singer Songwriter Anna Renee and Host Ric Drasin on ActorsE Chat

Anna Renee is a singer/songwriter, originally from Wyoming but who grew up in Indonesia. Anna Renee started her performing as an actress in Indonesia. She performed while in boarding school and continued to study acting when she attended Chapman University. After college she moved to Los Angeles and started her success with a self-produced web-series which she also starred in, “Destroy the Alpha Gammas”. Anna was inspired to write a song and this deepened her desire to further her creativity and venture into the field of music. 

Anna’s music has been called “a unique mix of Fiona Apple-style piano reflections and memorable pop hooks that leave a lasting impression”. (Actor’s Entertainment)

Anna’s voice is one that is remembered as it is authentic and gutsy. Anna studies with Steve Mackie as her vocal coach, who is noted for helping countless contestants on the television, show The Voice. So far, Anna has released quite a few singles which have impressed her listeners, such as “Battle Cry”, and “Guilty”. Her latest single “Sharks” is the beginning to many more on their way, and just a beginning of what Anna has to offer. Although labeled as a newcomer, Anna has spent her lifetime studying the art of performance and music seems to be her niche. 

Her debut EP “The Places You’ll Go” was released in October 2014.


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