Friday, June 20, 2014

Top 10 Mobile Advertising Platforms in 2014: Get Your Project Noticed

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By: Melissa English

Whether or not you have noticed it there are many amazing advertising platforms which have gone mobile.  Recognizing that you need to take your advertising with you just as you would take your phone with you; advertisers are now on the go, just like you.  Many applications are now free, that would have been paid in the past all thanks to the invention of mobile advertising.  The most interesting thing about all of the companies that are out there as well is the fact that they also specialize in different platforms; there are few that cover all of them.  Here are the most popular:

1 1.  Admoda: This is a company that works hard to allow advertisers to run much targeted advertisements and then monetize all of the applications out there through traffic.

2 2.  Buzz City: This is a company which specializes in the global advertising market.  They generate buzz about all of the applications which are coming out.

3 3. Flurry:  This is a company that measures, builds, and helps monetize all of the traffic and then the advertisements.  There are currently over 700 million unique users on their network.

4 4. Google Ads: The iconic company knows what they are doing.  They have continued to grow and prosper and have now have taken their strategy mobile.  They also have a key account manager which will ensure that you are able to have great customer service.

5 5. InMobi: This is a mobile and fun technology company that allows all kinds of brands to be able to reach many global customers.

6 6.  Madvertise: This is a company in Europe that delivers amazing technology and allows for the company to reach over 10 billion page impressions.

7 7. Mopub: There is mobile engagement as well as the ability publish on the go and then also have higher mobile engagement.

8 8.  Tap for Tap: This is a great mobile ad network for Androids that has a free exchange and the ability to grow   the network.

9 9.  Trademob: This is a major application marketing platform which allows users to have high ranking in the  IOS and Android App stores.

1 10. vServ: This is a mobile application which has smarts applications for mobile phones.  This is the way that        the industry can be revolutionized.

These are some of the highest grossing mobile advertising platforms out there.  As your company moves forward you will need to consider all of the options for mobile advertising.  There are many ways to be able to work with companies and find the right fit to ensure that you are able to have success with the next wave of technology.  You must be responsive to your customers and realize that they are going mobile with the solutions of the times.  There are many options to help you be successful as well as draw in new customers through the advertisements.  An ad on a mobile network can have millions of impressions and ensure that you are able to reach your customers.
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