Sunday, June 8, 2014

ActorsE Chat with Kurt Kelly of Live Video Inc. Interviews Legendary Radio and Television Personality Tanya Hart

In this episode legendary radio personality, TV host, and voice over extraordinaire Kurt Kelly sits down to chat with Tanya Hart. Tanya was born in Muskegon, MI. She has been a fixture as a reporter in the entertainment world covering red carpet events and major news events for over twenty years. As a young teenager she attended Michigan State University before moving to Boston and attending Harvard Graduate School in the late 60’s. She attributes the death of civil rights leader and legend Martin Luther King for changing her life path and career path. She remembered hearing one of his early speeches in which he spoke about “The appalling silence of those who do nothing.” and the felt somewhere deep inside that she indeed needed to do something. She then, along with a group of friends and fellow students at MSU, went to the campus radio station and asked them to let her and her friends on the air at WKAR. There wish was granted and that day, April 4, 1968 , they were let on for four hours. She was then given her own radio show on WKAR called the Taking Caring of Business Show. Hence, she switched from premed and got a degree in Communications & Broadcasting. Some years after graduating from MSU Tanya, her husband, and their young child moved to Boston. There she was offered a position at a radio station ran by Group W of Westinghouse Broadcasting WBZ TV, that eventually bought CBS. She received a call and was offered an interview, they expressed their interest in her, told Tanya that they wanted her at their station, and despite having a young child they allowed her to take her baby with her to work everyday. That’s how Tanya go her start in television. Over the next ten years Tanya broke down a lot of barriers for women and minorities in broadcasting, as she covered many world events during her time at WBZ TV. Her favorite event that she covered was when Nelson Mandela was released and his first stop was in Boston, MA. She was introduced to Mandela by Senator Ted Kennedy because he was aware of all the work Tanya had done on the Anti-Apartheid Movement, and she also worked with his daughter Kara at WBZ TV. While working on a show called 1672, Tanya received a call from a young chemist named Caroline Hunter who worked at Polaroid. The young woman was suspicious that something was going on at Polaroid. The show investigated Caroline’s story and it turned out that Polaroid was making ID badges for the Apartheid government in South America that restricted citizens from certain areas of the country. If citizens were caught with their IDs they were taken away, and many times they would never be seen again alive. As a result of Tanya’s work on the story, it raised awareness on Apartheid, and virtually put Polaroid out of business. People started asking about Apartheid, and the story was picked up and ran in The Boston Globe and it went worldwide. This is why upon Nelson Mandela’s release he chose Boston as the first US city to visit on his trip to the States. While he was in town Tanya was invited to have lunch with Mandela, his wife, Senator Ted Kennedy, and Jackie Kennedy-Onasis at the Kennedy Library. In her many years covering news events and hollywood news, she has interviewed many hollywood legends. Her favorite to interview was George Clooney, and another notable interview she enjoyed was with the young Tupac Shakur. Tanya did Tupac’s first television interview in 1992 and the footage was used in the documentary film of Tupac’s life called Tupac: Resurrection. 

To learn more about Tanya Hart, she can be found on Facebook, she is on Twitter @TanyaHollywood, and on her personal websity More episodes hosted by the legendary Kurt Kelly can be seen weekly from, and for more on Kurt Kelly go to his site and His profile can see on IMDb as well. Kurt also has a personal Facebook page and Facebook Fan Page. Kurt, along with Pepper Jay from Pepper Jay Studios, continue to bring you entertaining and informative programming featuring the finest and brightest figures in entertainment today. 

Written By: Brian Harper and Melissa English
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