Sunday, June 8, 2014

ActorsE Chat with Kurt Kelly of Live Video Inc.Interviews the Beautiful, and Delightful Actress, Sanny Van Heteren

Sanny stops into Pepper Jay Studios to chat with host, voice over extraordinaire, legendary radio and TV host Kurt Kelly. Sanny was born in Germany and grew up in southern Spain, where she began acting at the young age of seven doing local theater. Her first stage production was a school presentation of Grease. She played the iconic Sandy Dee/Sandy Olsson, which was played by Olivia Newton John in the film version. The production toured through the south of Spain. Sanny became a child star after starring in the the German classic Four Junior Detectives at age fourteen. The film was a cult classic, ‘similar to The Goonies’. Heteren also lived in Spain briefly before being sent to boarding school, she studied at Hurtwood House in England the boarding school that Emily Blunt, Hans Zimmer and Jack Huston also attended, she also attended Box Hill School in Surrey (an hour from London). Heteren wanted to study in London but had a strong feeling that she wanted to be in America. Sanny was invited to a ‘divorce party’ in NY and feel in love with the city. Growing up in Europe she became fluent in several languages, Sanny is bilingual and can speak German, and Spanish fluently, and ‘can defend (herself) pretty well in French and Italian. She became fluent in English when she moved to the states at 19. Sanny learned to speak English fluently by watching Nick@Nite, she worked very hard to ‘parrot’ and mimic the actors’ voices. She credits shows such as ‘I Love Lucy’ and ‘Welcome Back Carter’ as shows she watched a lot and were instrumental in helping her learn the language. While in NY Sanny was accepted to Tish after completing the initial admissions process, but the school later discovered that she had not taken SAT’s, no fault of Sanny’s being that she just arrived in the States, but nevertheless Tish wouldn’t accept her in. Ironically, four years later Tish changed it’s SAT policies for Europeans. Upon this she ended up in the restaurant industry. Sanny and few of her friends opened up a restaurant called Moomba, which she described the culinary style as ‘American with a splash of Asian’. Interesting fact about Moomba is that Lawrence Fishburne and Oliver Stone were two of the people who invested in the restaurant to help get it going. Her years as a co-owner of Moomba helped her make a living and continue to pursue her career as an actor. One of Sanny’s first big films was as a character named Spike in Raw Nerve (1999), which starred Mario Van Peebles and Nicolette Sheridan, from this opportunity Sanny was able to get into the actors union, SAG and AFTRA. Later she was cast as a ‘glorified extra’ in the Woody Allen film Celebrity along with her good friend Ian Somerhalder of Vampire Diaries fame. Woody actually handpicked all of the extras himself, and Sanny really enjoyed the experienced and was fascinated at the opportunity to watch Woody’s hands on approach at work. High Plains Invaders is a sci-fi film that was shot in Romania in which Heteren played an 1800’s gunslinger named Rose Hilridge, and it was also the first film in which she had been cast as the lead actress alongside James Marsters (Smallville on the WB). After several successful projects Sanny’s career stalled. She had moved to LA in 2001 and was working in the event business as a door person for a brief moment, she wasn’t getting any acting work and grew fed up with the business. Heteren packed her bags and went away to Thailand. Not long after after arriving there she was out on a boat when she received a call offering her an opportunity to do a film with Liam Neelson called Unknown (2011). She then packed her bags again and off to Berlin to shot film. Working with Neelson was an amazing experience and she looks forward to working with him again in the future. Coldwater (2013) is a psychological thriller that premiered at the NuHo Online Film Festival. It stars Ivan Djurovic and was directed by David Parker. Heteren was very impressed with David Parker and feels that he is an excellent director. During filming there was in impromptu moment in which during one of the scenes there is a knock at the door, completely unscripted and none of the actors knew who it was at the door. When the door was opened, it turned out to be a fellow actor that Sanny had previously worked with, and the two had to stay in character and contain their ‘surprised excitement’ until the Parker yelled ‘cut’. Sanny also worked as an executive producer on the 2012 film Errors of the Human Body, directed by Eron Sheean and filmed in Dresdan, Germany. ‘Errors’ is about a scientist, Dr. Geoff Burton, who loses his grip on life after a bad experience involving his son. Sanny revealed to Kurt that she made her singing debut in a YouTube video that was shot entirely on an iPhone 4S. She explained that in the video she ‘sang all of her frustrations out’. Kurt laughed and asked her, “Is that going to be the name of your first album?” She responded saying, “No, it should probably be called All My Ex’s.” Sanny explained that in the song, which she wrote herself, was written about a previous relationship she had with an unnamed celebrity. Details of any upcoming musical projects were not discussed. To learn more about Sanny van Heteren, she can be found on several social media sites; she has an IMDb profile, Facebook, Sanny is on Twitter @sannycloudy, and finally at More episodes hosted by the legendary Kurt Kelly can be seen weekly from, and for more on Kurt Kelly go to his site and His profile can see on IMDb as well, Kurt also has a personal Facebook page and Facebook Fan Page. Kurt, along with Pepper Jay from Pepper Jay Studios, continue to bring you entertaining and informative programming featuring the finest and brightest figures in entertainment today. 

Written By: Brian Harper and Melissa English
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