Saturday, June 7, 2014

ActorsE Chat with Kurt Kelly of Live Video Inc. and Actors Reporter interviews the Beautiful, and Delightful Voice Over Artist and Actress Nicole Fazio.

Nicole stops into Pepper Jay Studios to chat with host, voice over extraordinaire, legendary radio and TV host Kurt Kelly. Nicole grew up on a dairy farm in Washington. She lived in Gig Harbor, where at an early age she participated in plays on Peacock Hill at Celebrations by Nadoo in Olympia, Washington, performing for thousands of people. As a young girl Nicole was very imaginative. She first performed for her dolls, cows, and other animals on her family’s farm every chance she got. Nicole was a member of a large Italian family, full of very charismatic uncles, aunts, and cousins, who she claims were some of first big influences in developing her character at a young age, because they were all, ‘characters’. The Washington State Shakespeare Festival at the Washington Center for Performing Arts in Olympia was her first professional job an actress. Although she traveled abroad throughout her career as a voice over actress, Nicole routinely returns to the Washington area to give back to her community. Director David Domkoski, community relations manager at the Tacoma Public Library, reached out to Nicole and offered her an opportunity to do a free voice-over workshop targeted at teens aged 12 to 18, which Fazio graciously accepted.

 As for Nicole, she studied and trained at Kalmenson & Kalmenson (Kathy and Harvey Kalmenson) , a reputable voice-over agency in Burbank,CA, and also Dave & Dave Inc., were pivotal in helping Nicole get her big break into the business. She always remembers where she came from and her she got her start, and she very gracious and giving of her time, resources, and knowledge. In addition to her work at the Tacoma Public Library, Nicole also takes students to various studios and helps them put demos together for free or next to nothing. During the interview she even divulges a few tips that are key to the development of a voice over artist. A few things that Nicole feels are helpful to her is while reading her script she wants to sound as if she actually having an engaging conversation with an actual person. The key is to try to pull them into whatever particular product or brand that you are speaking about, also not to focus on what your voice is doing but rather on ‘who you’re talking to’. Another big practice that Fazio encourages all up and coming voice-over talents to do is to read out loud as much as possible. Kurt also encourages voice-over artists to find the microphone that works best for their voice. Nicole has also worked in animation, she has worked at the Disney Imagineer facility, and is the voice of the Island Spirit for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. She was also the first female hired for a car ad. Nicole was encouraged by friends to send her work over to Kalmenson & Kalmenson, there a casting director named Tony opened her headshot and resume, and he recognized things she had done and the names of people she had studied with in Seattle. She received a call from Tony and during their conversation she convinced Tony to bring her in for an audition. Nicole then received a second call to come and read Hyundai. Nicole nailed the audition. Nicole’s vast imagination, and her ability to come across in very personable way, along with her acting background, have truly played a pivotal role in the success she’s experienced in career as a voice-over actress. When asked by Kurt what her favorite thing she enjoys to do, Nicole explains that she is very passionate about live performance because she loves connecting with people. Nicole is a very spirited, passionate, and honest, and it shines through, not only in her work, but in the way she speaks and carries herself. That spirit also shines through her philanthropic work with Food For the Hungry, and Watoto (Uganda). To learn more about Nicole Fazio, she has an IMDb profile, Facebook page, Nicole is on Twitter @NicoleMFazio, she can be contacted via email at and finally at

More episodes hosted by the legendary Kurt Kelly can be seen weekly from, and for more on Kurt Kelly go to his site and, his profile can see on IMDb as well. Kurt also a personal Facebook page and Facebook Fan Page. Kurt, along with Pepper Jay from Pepper Jay Studios, continue to bring you entertaining and informative programming featuring the finest and brightest figures in entertainment today. 
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