Friday, June 13, 2014

Kurt Kelly Interviews Producer, Director, and Host Ed Magik

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Kurt Kelly will be sitting down on ActorsE Chat with Ed Magik, a talented Los Angeles native who has worn many hats. The Interview will be at 1pm EST and 10am PST today.  He started in 1999 in the entertainment industry when he was hosting Ed Magik's Talent Showcase.  After that he was on the air with a talk show in which he interviewed all of the local talent in the region.  He was then a part of many of the other public associations in the Hollywood Area.  He has worked in many aspects of production with local producers and directors.

In 2006, Ed created and launched Ed Magik Television which was a a great variety show with celebrity interviews.  He also in 2010 worked with the cousin of Barrack Obama in creating a lovely web series and working with production on that project.  It was a comedy web series.  Recognizing the need in the space in 2011, Ed created Vayaconmigo which is a Spanish themed show which means "Come With Me", the show highlighted all aspects of Latin American culture and was aired throughout all of Southern California and on the internet.

On his show, Ed was for the first time an actor.  He has been working in feature film as well as in television as an actor.  Ed continues to write, direct, and produce.  He will be speaking with Kurt today about the many exciting upcoming projects he has on his plate and his experience in Hollywood.

Ed Magik's Television

Ed will be interviewed by Kurt Kelly, "The Voice of Experience", a leader in the entertainment world for more than 30 years.  Kurt has interviewed everyone from Hollywood, to the White House and has a talent for bringing you the juiciest tidbits, and information in the industry.

The show will be shot at the Pepper Jay Studios in Hollywood, California.  Pepper shoots, produces, and directs live from the heart of Hollywood 5 days per week.  She keeps us all informed and plugged in to everything happening in the industry, and entertainment world in Hollywood.

Written By: Melissa English

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