Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Giving Back to the Motor City - Thank You Pure Michigan -- Detroit!

For Immediate Release:  Giving Back to the Motor City - Thank You Pure Michigan -- Detroit!

Last night I came back to Detroit for meetings today with my company Live Video, Inc. based in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Since leaving Detroit in 1983 for NBC in Chicago, then moving to ABC in Dallas, followed by ABC and CBS in Los Angeles and beyond; I have always kept all of my various corporate entities based in Michigan, where I am from.
Being proud of being a Michigander, I have always felt the importance of what I learned as a child from family, and from John Gehron at ABC in Chicago when I was 16; and that was the gratitude of "giving back without question"!

Today the morning Motor City television news announced that "Detroit and JPMorgan Chase and Co. Invested in Detroit’s Future". 

JPMorgan Chase believes in Detroit, "We are expanding our 80 year commitment to Detroit by investing an additional $100 million over the next five years to support and accelerate the dynamic recovery that is underway here" 
It is my sincere hope that others who are from Michigan, regardless of where you are in the world today; and those who do, or have done business in Detroit will see the need to also step up to the plate and lend support to this great State of Pure Michigan and the wonderful city of Detroit. The example of great work ethics and pride in America, begins on the streets of the Motor City. Detroit has been the heart of Rock 'N Roll, the Soul of Motown and the innovations for the wheels that have driven the world from the factories, businesses and automotive industries. It's time to show thanks to the people and city that have given the world so much. Thank you Detroit, and thank you Pure Michigan for always being my proud home; regardless of where I may be, or live in the world today, proudly I am still yours, and always will be made in Michigan -- Kurt Kelly"

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