Saturday, May 31, 2014

ActorsE Chat with Kurt Kelly of Live Video Inc. Interviews the Beautiful, Charming, and Delightful Model and Actress Lillie Claire.

Lillie Claire stops into Pepper Jay Studios to chat with host, voice over extraordinaire, legendary radio and TV host Kurt Kelly. Lillie is from the town of Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia, and grew up in a non-traditional showbiz family. Her father was a professor and a copy write lawyer who dealt with a lot of artists, painters, musicians and Aboriginal rock bands. Lillie was modeling by the age of 13, in her hometown doing local work. Lillie grew up doing dance as well, and her first acting experiences were in school productions and her first theater production was at fourteen years old. After high school at 19 years old she was scouted by a Chinese modeling agency and went away to Beijing. She struggled with shyness, but because of her desire to be a model and actress she learned to push through it. After modeling for a few years in overseas Lillie went back to Australia to take acting classes. Her first on camera experience was in an reenactment of a film called The Secretary, a project that did her acting showcase to help her graduate and draw the attention of agents to gain representations. The Secretary, which stars James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal in the original version, has Lillie playing the secretary who gets punished by her boss if and whenever she makes any kind of mistakes on the job. She then went on to book and win her first audition for a major campaign with a major clothing company in Australia. While in school she grew eager to travel to America and abroad and moved to America to live in California for two months before moving to Canada and studying under the direction of Larry Moss, and has also learned from Eric Morris. While in Canada she played the role of a librarian on the WB’s hit show Supernatural. She is SAG (Screen Actors Guild) eligible, but hasn’t completed the process to earn her SAG card as of yet, and continues to do work in Australia, but is very excited about eventually settling down in the States. Lillie played a character named Deborah Caldwell in a film called Angels of the Skies in 2013. Shot in Johannesburg, Africa, Angel of the Skies is World War II film set in 1943. Her character is the fiance of the lead character, and she represents the women who are waiting for their men to return home to them and their families. The film received lots of acknowledgements during the film award season. Angels of the Skies was also released in Germany where it was titled Wings of Honour. Lillie will be working on several films in 2014, on will be a three part documentary, part mystery part myth, called The Green Fairy, directed by Dan Frank and partially shot in France. The documentary, due for release in 2015, is named as such due to the fact that absinthe, an alcoholic beverage that originated in the 18th Century, has a distinctive green color. Absinthe, considered as a ‘spirit’ and not a liquor (90 to 148 proof), was believed to be a highly addictive and dangerous beverage, causing hallucinations and delirium. The ancient beverage was a popular choice of some famous historical figures, including Ernest Hemmingway, Oscar Wilde, Picasso, and Vincent van Gogh. Claire also appears as a free spirited character named Sky in a film called The Refugees, directed and created by Titus Parr. ‘Refugees’, set in post-apocalyptic Australia, revolves around two brothers who flee country after the world has become toxic from nuclear fall out, drift off shore and find their way to deserted island in the Pacific Ocean. The Drowning, a short film which Lillie wrote and shot in Vancouver is about a brother and sister who lose their mother. The sister has a psychic connection with mother but chooses to let it go over time, but for the younger brother his sister’s connection is his only way to hold on to their mother. Despite Lillie’s works in film , her beginnings are deeply rooted in the stage, she was trained in theater with elements of film acting, and she considers theater to be her first love. She says theater is the ‘roots’ of storytelling. Thus she is working on a play by Lanford Wilson called Talley’s Folly. ‘Folly’ is a romantic play set in 1944, and is a two person play directed by Jeff Passero, that she will perform with a fellow actor and friend. Claire is also writing a television series that she hopes will find it’s way to network TV called Grant Me Serenity, a dark comedy/drama suspense about two unlikely best friends, a yoga instructor and an escort. 
To learn more about Lillie Clair, she can be found on several social media sites; she has an IMDb profile, Facebook, Lillie is on Twitter @Lillie_Claire, and finally at More episodes hosted by the legendary Kurt Kelly can be seen weekly, and for more on Kurt Kelly go to his site and, his profile can see on IMDb as well, Kurt also a personal Facebook page and Facebook Fan Page. Kurt, along with Pepper Jay from Pepper Jay Studios, continue to bring you entertaining and informative programming featuring the finest and brightest figures in entertainment today.

Written By: Brian Harper and Melissa English
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