Saturday, May 31, 2014

ActorsE Chat with Kurt Kelly of Live Video Inc. Interviews the Beautiful Actor, Producer, Singer Ashley Cordelia.

Ashley Cordelia stops into Pepper Jay Studios to chat with host, voice over extraordinaire, legendary radio and TV host Kurt Kelly.

 Ashely Cordelia grew up in Orange County, CA, and was raised by her grandparents of German-Jewish decent. Kurt Kelly met Ashely at the AFM earlier in 2013. Ashely was always a writer as a child, she liked to write and illustrate her own books. She caught the acting bug at a young age as well, she would pretend to host cooking shows with her grandmother. She began doing plays at her hometown church Westminister Presbyterian Church. Ashley’s first on-camera experience came on a feature film called The Rehearsal in 2011(wedding rehearsal), in it she plays a girl named Eden who replaces the DJ who backed out at the last minute. Many roles continued to roll in for Cordelia. A short film called My Two Cents in 2013, was shot in Irvine, CA. My Two Cents, a film with a “Twilight Zone feel”, was directed by Tom Moser and written by Michael O’Hare Wallace. Ashley has done several short films, including a title directed by Leena Pendharkar, a provocative commercial like film called Ice Cream in which Ashley is a young attractive vixen enjoying an ice cream cone. As she’s licking the ice cream cone a young man on his way to his car just so happens to stumble upon Ashley and watches her from a few feet away. He instantly is taken (and aroused) by the sight of this beautiful young woman licking away at the ice cream cone, and the camera shots flash back and forth from Ashley licking the ice cream then back to the young man who is licking his lips and apparently drooling over her. But in a twist of irony the young man dashes in towards Ashley, steals the ice cream and takes off down the sidewalk on a clean getaway. Ashley is left standing alone, bewildered and without her delicious ice cream. Cordelia has been working with the Long Beach Acting & Film Association, which has helped her get plenty of parts in short films. The film association casted in several productions of it’s own, one in which Ashley plays the ex-girlfriend of Curry the Killer Clown, an ex-murderer who can’t escape his reputation in a comedic short called Blood Retired. She also was casted in a film called The Divine Order (2014) by fellow Rehearsal cast mate Andy Gates. ‘Order’, a film loosely based on the story of the Jamestown tragedy, in it Cordelia plays a character named Anna, a severally brainwashed cult member of the Polaris Society. Ashley is all about hard work and challenges and stated that she “would really like to play a girl in a mental institution” due to the fact she has a great uncle in Germany who is schizophrenic. The role of Anna in the context of this film certainly is close to that objective. ‘Order’ was shot in areas of LA and Sherman Oaks and is in post-production. In the ever changing world of movie production, many movie makers have joined the ‘online group funding’ wave as another way to help their films get financed. Ashley is a part of two such projects that where started up on the Kickstarter website. 

Ashely found a project for a movie titled Maria, a film about a young girl, aptly named Maria who gets picked up by a band of prostitutes. Cordelia was written into the script as a girl named Sapphire after she proactively contacted the project’s director Teddy Valentovich and expressed her interest in the film. Another Kickstarter film project Ashley is involved in is called Mermaid Down, a feature horror film written and directed by Jeffrey Grellman, in which she actually plays a character in a mental institution. Ashely also stars in a short film called Smooth Operator, a comedic role where she plays a young woman that is smitten by a suave and attractive smooth ‘gibberish’ talking gentleman. The Green Fairy, a fantasy documentary about absinthe, in this Cordelia plays a character named Rachel, the young woman that Van Gogh cuts his ear off for. The Green Fairy, due for release in 2015, is named as such due to the fact that absinthe, an alcoholic beverage that originated in the 18th Century, has a distinctive green color. Absinthe, considered as a ‘spirit’ and not a liquor (90 to 148 proof), was believed to be a highly addictive and dangerous beverage, causing hallucinations and delirium. The ancient beverage was a popular choice of some famous historical figures, including Ernest Hemmingway, Oscar Wilde, Picasso, and yes, Vincent van Gogh. The film is directed by Dan Frank, who also directs another film with Ashley, a thriller titled Coachella Massacre, in it she plays a hippie girl named Cindy. ‘Massacre’ is in pre-production and is also due for an expected release in 2015. Ashley has also been working as a producer on a few projects with a company named Mindflip Films and Prescription Productions, and she is very open to writers and producers submitting scripts to her. In addition to her acting career, Ashley is also a budding musician. She began writing music and playing guitar at fourteen years old and names Avril Lavigne as one of her biggest musical inspirations. She has recently been writing with Tracy Longstreth and Brian Barrett. 

When Ashley writes she draws from her tumultuous childhood and the pain of growing up with parents who were addicted to drugs. Cordelia does music under the pseudonyms or alias’ of Psycordelia and Dawn’s Child. Psycordelia consists of the word psyco- and her last name, and Dawn’s Child has a double meaning, either ‘child of the dawn’, and also Ashley’s mother’s name is Dawn, making it a good fit and a clever play on words. ‘San Francisco Bound’ and ‘Northern Lights’ are two singles that she has written. To learn more about Ashely Cordelia, she can be found on several social media sites; she has an IMDb profile, Facebook, Ashley is on Twitter

@AshleyCordelia, Instagram, and she has a YouTube channel as well. More episodes hosted by the legendary Kurt Kelly can be seen weekly from, and for more on Kurt Kelly go to his site and, his profile can see on IMDb as well, Kurt also a personal Facebook page and Facebook Fan Page. Kurt, along with Pepper Jay from Pepper Jay Studios, continue to bring you entertaining and informative programming featuring the finest and brightest figures in entertainment today. 

Written By: Brian Harper and Melissa English
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