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Coca-Cola International Kurt Kelly Actor Voice Over

Coca-Cola International Kurt Kelly Actor Voice Over


Impact on the lives of millions... A source of inspiration…

As universal and diverse as the world we live in…

The journey of a bottle… The story of hope…

Empowerment… Optimism, happiness… And positive change...

Today, we celebrate this remarkable journey.

Celebrating its fifth anniversary, the Eurasia and Africa Group President’s Sustainability Awards is a demonstration of commitment and source of inspiration.

The main purpose of the awards scheme is to inspire the Coca-Cola system to continually improve its performance in the fields of product safety and quality, as well as environmental standards, and occupational safety and health requirements

Recognizing and celebrating the outstanding performances of our bottling partners and their positive contributions to the sustainability of their communities, the sustainability awards help build alignment to our global sustainability strategy and Me-We-World framework.

As the backbone of the Coca-Cola system, our bottling partners are equally committed to bringing positive change to the lives of the communities in which we serve. Coca-Cola bottling partners do not view their responsibilities limited with the gates of their facilities.

Forming the unmatched distribution network of the greatest global brand, we offer optimism and happiness; an inspiration to active and healthy living

We generate economic contribution and jobs, and empower women and youth, for sustainable development of communities

And we preserve the environment for future generations, while helping communities to have increased access to clean and safe water ...

Kurt Kelly Television Film Movie Multimedia Voice Over Artist - Actor - Host

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Voice Over Produced By Live Video, Inc.

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Voice Over by Kurt Kelly

Voice Over Artist Kurt Kelly -- The "Voice of Experience"

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Voice Over Artist Kurt Kelly -- The "Voice of Experience"

Kurt Kelly -- The "Voice of Experience"

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Heard literally around the globe, "Kurt Kelly, a man of character, a voice of many... Kurt not only impresses you with his distinctive voice but he affects you with meaningful words," according to Michal Bardavid, News Anchor - Host of ABC Inside Business 6 News in Istanbul.

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Kurt Kelly:  Kurt Kelly Television Film Movie Multimedia Voice Over

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