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Detroit Voice Over Classes

Detroit Voice Over Classes

Voice Mastery Series Live in Detroit With CEO of Live Video, Inc. Kurt Kelly

Come and learn from the best voice artist instructor, Kurt Kelly, live in Detroit!

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Learn how to step up your A game, and start booking auditions! You could be lending your voice to the immortal silver screen, television and video games with the right training! Join Kurt Kelly “The Voice of Experience”, from Los Angeles in person for this informative, fun, and enlightening in-studio event.
Kurt Kelly “Kurt’s a pro and quickly dialed in to find exactly the delivery we needed for our project. Very responsive – this job was closed within hours. We’d definitely work with Kurt again and offer a high recommendation. It should go without saying, but you have a fantastic voice! I’ve listened to much of your work, and I think what we’re going for on this end is something similar to your trailer voice, but a little “lighter.” ”
Michael Kudlacik, Producer – Director, ACORD
In this class you will learn the following:
1. How to warm-up with Kurt’s techniques.
2. How to breathe properly.
3. How to deliver auditions that book!
4. Finding & branding your unique Signature Voice Over sound.
5. How to get an agent.
6. How to get the winning sound.
7. How to expand your voice acting.
8. How to best use viral marketing and social media.
You will be given the opportunity to not only read from script[s] you bring to this Professional Voice Over Class training, Kurt will also provide actual scripts for you to audition with in the class from actual scripts. Scripts will range from National Commercials, to television promos, movie trailers, animation and more to select from as time permits. Bring a USB drive if you would like a copy of your time on mic in the class.
An Agent will be auditing the class; giving you the opportunity to be seen and heard by working Industry Professionals in the studio face to face.
Who: You
When: May 29, 2014 6:00 pm-9:00 pm
What: Voice over Classes
Where: 10 E 11 Mile Rd, Royal Oak, MI 48067
Advanced Recording Studios
About Kurt Kelly:
CEO of LVI, Kurt Kelly
CEO of LVI, Kurt Kelly
Actor and On-Camera Host, this broad vocal talent successfully continues on to VoIP’s, IVR’s, corporate video presentations, and various voiceover narrations.
Kelly’s voice conveys strength, warmth, sincerity, trustworthiness and reliability. Conversely, his deep dark ominous reads have been perfectly suited for numerous video games, including “World of Warcraft: Cataclysm,” where he gives life to three Gods. More recently, Kurt is the Signature Voice of Sony PIX Television Network. His distinctive voice overs range from newscaster or announcer to cheesy animated and silly fun. He credibly delivers a solid scope of character voices from the guy next door to the thunderous voice of God.
Some of Kurt Kelly’s credits include:
Saturday Night Live, Disney, SONY-PIX Television Network, Sony Entertainment Television, Sony PlayStation [God Of War 3, MAG, etc], US ARMY, Department of Defense, Star Motorcycles, National Geographic [Nat Geo], Miracle Blade, Ideal Living, Adchoices, Chevy, GMC, World Of Warcraft, Blizzard Entertainment, Prevenar 13, Pfizer, Miracle Blake, Hawk Auto, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, MTV, VH1, FOX, HBO, DOD, US Army, PBS, NTS Translations, Buckeye Cable, Appliance Center, EAVESDROP Official Movie Trailer, The Turkish Ministry of Health, The Black Jaguar Foundation Official Movie, The President of Turkish Republic, National Immunization Program, BEDROOMS MOVIE TRAILER , MORNING NEWS, Toledo Metro Parks, Starburst, Skittles, Virgin Radio, DISCONNECT Movie Trailer, Kutes Mining, Turkish Government, THE TWENTY OFFICIAL MOVIE TRAILER, ACIBADEM HEALTHCARE GROUP, Anadolu Chemical , ARBEEL STEEL, Luminosity A Concert Of Lights, Calinos Holding ,TOKİ, Kutes Mining, ATA Worldwide, Apollo Generation, Glenn the Flying Robot MOVIE TRAILER, The Sudan Ministry of Higher Education, Emlak Konut, Arebeel Steel, The Undersecretariat for Maritime Affairs, Vesbo, Barnesville Hospital, Cake: A Wedding Story Movie Trailer, Marmaray, Coca-Cola, LG, The HANGED MAN Official Film Movie Trailer, Instanbul Museum, Hunkar Karsi, NEOWOLF Official Movie Trailer, Chennem, The Black Jaguar Foundation, Osiris Entertainment, Time Travel Zero [Film Narration], The Bayer Group, Silcon Fire, SAGA, Thorn Ministries, Bullhorn Communications, WCXI, Cool Change Radio, Dream Media Enterprises, No Risk – No Life, Mondial Developing Company, Mondial International Group, FM Tech, Sudapet, Sudan Petroleum, Savings and Social Development Bank, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Sudan Civil Aviation Authority, Lion Works, Animated Family Films, AMG Films, Prelude Pictures, Carmelina Films, Blackberry, Android, Famous Radio Ranch, Big Sunday, Midas, Spin Radio, Westfield, Roberts Rental, MTS, Zoom Advertising, Mad Genius, Primos, Click 2 Knot, Gamo, Barnsville Hospital, Puremed Canada, Revnew, The City of Ketchikan, Ideal Living, Primos Supermodel, The Lion Of Judah Movie Trailer, FOUR SINGLE FATHERS Movie Trailer, Gamo, Bayer German, City of Ketchikan KPU Telecommunications, Earth-Touch, Lion Works, MSM Satellite, Karson Productions, audio video disco – sound solutions, Fat Chimp Studios, SCREENDAY PRODUCTIONS, FILMFAKTUR, Voice Talent Productions, MTS Tech, iYogi, and many more…
About Advanced Recording Studios:
Advanced Recording Studios was founded by William David who has been in the recording, live performance and media/film technical industries for over 25 years.  His experience and skill sets span decades of different music genres, industry technology updates and recording theory combined with real world experience and application.

He is an acting voting member of the The Recording Academy.  William also maintains state of the art studios that are affordable, reasonable, and extremely high tech and ensure that you will make your project sound perfect regardless of genre.
Advanced Recording Studios
Best of Detroit
ARS Studio
If you have any questions please call 310-925-2709 or email
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