Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kurt Kelly on Saturday Night Live for a Second Time

Voice over artist Kurt Kelly was on Saturday Night Live with Louis C.K. to rave reviews in the previous week.  The show was the second highest rated of the season, only being beat out by Lady Gaga with 8.5 million views.  Louis C.K. brought in a huge amount of views with 8.3 and a stunning 4.8 on the Nielsen rating scale.  This is an excellent rating for Saturday Night Live as millions tuned in to see the sketch comedy as well as the talent that Kurt Kelly brought to the mix.

Watch Now: http://www.imdb.com/video/hulu/vi531737881/

Kurt's first appearance on SNL, earlier this year has already had 53 million views and was the highest rated SNL skit of all time.  Taking from the theme of Dejango Unchained, Dejesus Uncrossed was also one of the most emotionally charged skits as well as controversial ones ever aired by SNL.  Kurt was very pleased to return to SNL, and loves working with NBC. Congratulations to Voice Over Artist, Kurt Kelly.

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