Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 2014 Updates And Life in Motion for Live Video, Inc.

A Dynamic Update for April 2014 for Live Video, Inc. and all things Entertainment.

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Live Video, Inc.'s Partner
Pepper Jay

Nestled in the heart of Hollywood are the Pepper Jay Production Studios, where producer and director Pepper Jay broadcasts live 5 days a week.  Pepper is a native of Hollywood, who has interviewed over 1,100 guests as well as won a Telly for ActorsE Chat.  Pepper has worn many hats over the years starting her entertainment career in 1957 in The Real McCoys. Pepper has been a teacher, writer, journalist as well as a lawyer.  She has helped keep Hollywood plugged in to all things entertainment and offer you the view behind the velvet rope.

Pepper Jay Productions is a strategic partner of Live Video, Inc. as the two companies often co-produce ActorsE chat and cover special events together with Actors Reporter.  Live Video, Inc. is very proud to have such a partner.  Find out more about Pepper Jay Productions Here:


Kurt Kelly Interviews Milton Justice, John Jack Rodgers and Tim McNeil on ActorsE Chat

Stella Adler was a legend in her own time; she started one of the most acclaimed schools of acting in the nation.  Her talents expanded as she opened her second location in the heart of Hollywood.  The best actors in the business including Robert DeNiro and Penelope Cruz have studied the Stella Adler method.  Milton has been a professor for many years teaching acting and has taught at Yale.  John is an accomplished actor known for his versatility in musicals as well as in film and television. Tim McNeil has been on television, film, and the stage for many productions.  All three gentlemen. sat down with host Kurt Kelly live on ActorsE Chat.  Check out the interview here:


Kurt Kelly Interviews Actor and Director Michael Dorn on ActorsE Chat

Michael Dorn is the most regular character on Star Trek aside from the regular staff of the ship.  He has appeared in more episodes of the franchise than any other.  He has been a part of the series since the eighties as well as been a part of many of the different movies of the franchise.  In addition to this Michael is an accomplished pilot and director.  He has flown with the Blue Angels and maintains his own training jet.  He will be sitting down with host Kurt Kelly live on ActorsE Chat on May 2, 2014 at 10:00am PST or 1:00pm EST.  Watch live here:


Handpicked Pix: The Pursuit of Happyness

Sony knows what it is like to want to view movies you can connect with.  The Pursuit of Happyness with Will Smith and Jaden Smith is one of those movies.  This is the heart felt story of a father who is a struggling salesman who must find a way to fend for his family.  Sit down and relax, and let Sony do the rest with Handpicked Pix.  CEO of LVI, Kurt Kelly is the signature voice for Sony Pix, check out more of his work here:


Handpicked For You: Angels and Demons

Sony wants to keep you gripping the chair with suspense.  Dan Brown also has you doing that whenever you pick up one of his books.  Although Angels and Demons is the prequel to The Davinci Code, the other gained attention first knitting a web of wonder, deception, and conspiracy.  Somewhere lost in that web,  we are Brown's pawns as he takes through every scenario and turn.  This movie was an instant classic when it came out starring Tom Hanks, depicting the struggles of Robert Langdon, the troubled professor who finds himself in the middle of an Illuminati nightmare.  Tune in to check out  Angels and Demons, and prepare to be amazed. Watch here:


Beauty and the Beat

Beauty and the Beat is a new reality show that highlights the making of female DJs in a male dominated world.  Whether or not you realize it, all of the famous DJs out there are men, and they have the ability to make up to 300,00 per night. The beat is infectious and it has started to spread to all countries of the world.  We all want to see our favorites perform live and be coached by the best.  Imagine, 10 women defining their style, talent, look, and learning from the masters.  Check out the signature voice for the show CEO, Kurt Kelly, and some of his work here:


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