Friday, April 4, 2014

Kurt Kelly Interviews Writer and Hollywood Legend Michael St. John on ActorsE Chat

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Kurt Kelly will be sitting down with Michael St. John today and till be speaking with him about his role in Hollywood and his history over the years..The interview will be broadcast live today from the Pepper Jay Studios in Hollywood, California at 10am PST.

Michael has been a journalist as well as a writer and singer throughout his entire life.  Growing up in Indiana in a place called "The Holler" he felt the pull of the Golden State from a young age and was often fantasizing about his role there.  Michael often felt limited by the roles that minorities were able to play in Hollywood and looked to many other African Americans in the industry to follow in their footsteps.  He went to school at the University of Southern California and focused on Journalism becoming the first African American president of his class.  While he was there he also found his room fire-bombed by others who were unhappy with his race.

Michael decided that he needed to get the attention of the key players in the industry if he was ever going to make something out of himself.  He started going to the sets of movies that were being filmed as well as started making stunts that were sometimes very public to get the attention both of the media as well as of others.  This was the way that Michael was able to gain the attention as well as also gain the tutelage of many of Hollywood's best including Agnes Morehead, the producer and director of many classic shows like Bewitched, and actress Betty Davis.  Michael looked to Sammy Davis Junior for inspiration and followed in his mold of making famous friends in all the right places.  His lack of fear led him to be close to people like Marlon Brando and many other brilliant actors who became his friends as well as his partners in his career.

Michael was often at parties networking and making connections knowing that they would all come back to help him in the long term.  For that reason he made and was a pat of the lives of some of the most legendary and influential movers and shakers in Hollywood.  Michael finally sat down and decided to compile all of his tales into a book called Hollywood, Through The Back Door.  The book is currently available in many different stores and on Amazon, it highlights his journey through Tinseltown and is written in a witty and fun way ensuring the reader will not be bored.

Michael is also a very accomplished singer who enjoys performing on a regular basis.  He loves all kinds of music from Broadway to jazz and blues.  He enjoys sharing himself as a creative voice that has touched so many.

Michael will be interviewed by Kurt Kelly, "The Voice of Experience" who has been an icon in the industry for many years.  Since the age of 12 Kurt has interviewed everyone from Kiss to the best Hollywood directors and producers.  Anything in Hollywood, Kurt has covered and is on the inside of, 24-7-365.  With over 30 years experience in the business, he is the man on the inside.

Pepper Jay broadcasts from Hollywood live 5 days per week.  She has been a part of Hollywood her entire life and has also had over 1100 of the brightest stars on her show ActorsE Chat.  Pepper broadcast live 5 days per week from her studios and covers everything in the industry from an insider's perspective.

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