Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April 2014 Updates and Life in Motion for Kurt Kelly

April 2014 Updates and Life in Motion for Kurt Kelly

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Kaplan Underwater English: An Amazing New Course

Happy April 1st! Kaplan understands the value of a great education.  In that model they have decided to combine two of the most important elements of a great person, a sound body, and a sound mind.  Kaplan is proud to be introducing the next wave of learning, underwater English.  This way you will be able to do away with the peskiness of having to work out and study.  Kaplan is proud to offer this option to their students.  Kurt Kelly is the signature voice for Kaplan International English.  Check out their site here: http://underwater.kaplaninternational.com/

Kurt Kelly Interviews Dayna Lynne North, Producer and Writer Extraordinaire

Kurt Kelly sat down with brilliant writer, producer, and director Dayna Lynne North to find out more about her experience in the industry.  Dayna has been working with some of the best in the industry for many years.  She has worked with Queen Latifah, Kristen Bell, and many other shows.  Recently helping Single Ladies wrap their season, she is writing cutting edge content that wows viewers.  Check out her powerful interview with Kurt Kelly here: http://kurtkelly.com/watch/kurt-kelly-interviews-dayna-lynne-north-on-actorse-chat


Kurt Kelly to Sit Down With Bestselling Author And Columnist Michael St. John on ActorsE Chat

Michael St. John is a legend in Hollywood who has been a part of the scene since the 70's.  He has been a part of the Tinseltown business as well as all things Hollywood before computers were even publicly available.  He has written a new book called  Hollywood Through the Back Door, which takes a look at what it meant to be a businessman in a predominantly white America in the past.  As a businessman and writer of unspeakable talent, he has climbed the ladder of success one rung at a time.  He will be sitting down with host Kurt Kelly on ActorsE Chat on Friday, April 4, 2014 at 10am PST. Watch Live Here: http://kurtkelly.com/watch/kurt-kelly-to-interview-legendary-writer-and-columnist-michael-st-john-on-actorse-chat


CEO of Live Video, Inc., Kurt Kelly to Host World Wide Radio Summit at Hard Rock Cafe 

This is the 4th annual World Wide Radio summit is in Los Angeles, California at the beautiful and historic Roosevelt Hotel.  However, one thing that never changes is that an event of this magnitude brings together some of the most creative minds from all over the country.  Whether you are in FM or AM or are an up and coming DJ, this is the place to be.  Kurt Kelly will be hosting the opening Gala at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood welcoming in the new talent and interviewing them and the iconic players at the event. Check out more of Kurt's work here: http://kurtkelly.com/voice-over-videos.html


Kurt Kelly The Official Voice of Emlak Konut

Emlak Konut is one of the highest grossing players in the construction industry in Europe.  They have been for more than 15 years because they know how to build sustainable communities.  The construction is focused on green energy, community, and sustainable renewal.  Kurt Kelly is the official voice for Emlak Konut. Watch here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXoxRT9K_vw  Check out more of his work here: http://kurtkelly.com/voice-over-videos.html


Hot Forex Understands International Commerce

Hot Forex understands international business and they are awake 24-7-365.  With people all over the world plugged into the market and watching each exchange it has never been more important than to work with a partner who is vigilant and protecting your investments.  Hot Forex will ensure, with their international team of experts, that your money is safe.  Kurt Kelly is the official voice of Hot Forex.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hs_z3G_676c Check out more of his work here: http://kurtkelly.com/voice-over-videos.html

War of the Arrows

War of the Arrows is a heart pounding epic taking you through the journey of a man who is on a quest to recover his captured brother from assailants.  Sony wants to keep you on the edge of your seat, heart pounding, and plugged into the best action flicks on the market.  Check out War of Arrows from Sony Pix. Watch Now:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDp5fn8nAD0 Kurt Kelly is the official voice of Sony Pix, check out more of his work here: http://kurtkelly.com/voice-over-videos.html

The Unstoppables from Sony Pix

Action movies are will leave your heart pounding, you short of breath, and wanting more.  Sony Pix understands this, as well as how much you crave that action.  Sony Pix is bringing you The Unstoppables assuring you will be seeing the best stars and get your action fix.  Check out more work from Kurt Kelly, the Official Voice of Sony Pix India here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVUpH2QwYXM&list=UUIlQCCfaAz_zpbkSMjE6QsA


Kurt Kelly on Saturday Night Live

Kurt Kelly wowed audiences once again on Saturday Night Live. He was previously the Voice Over Star of the most viewed skit in Saturday Night Live History, Dejesus Uncrossed. Following on the tails of Dejango Unchained, Dejesus goes on a journey to strike back against those who have crucified him. This audio track was recorded in the Live Video, Inc. Studios. Check out his new skit here: http://www.imdb.com/video/hulu/vi531737881/

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