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A Dynamic View of the December News of Kurt Kelly and Live Video Inc.
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Kurt Kelly's Voice Over Work "Kickball Cowboy" in the Top 25 Advertisements for the Doritos Superbowl Slot

Coffee is bold in the morning....but how much bolder would your day be if you were starting it off with spicy Doritos?  That is a question which Kurt's ad for the Superbowl this year is seeking to answer.  Spend a few moments and go to the site and check out this amazing concept.  Kurt's spot is up for the nomination for the advertisement for the Superbowl.  Being in the top 25 is very exciting, but not as exciting as winning.  Let's go to the site and vote for Kickball Cowboy. Click here to vote:


Kurt Kelly Interviews Beautiful Actress, Producer, Writer, and Director Linda Kruse on ActorsE

Award winning Producer Linda Kruse sat down with Kurt Kelly on ActorsE Chat to discuss her career as well as the feeling just winning an award for her script.  Linda has been a part of the industry in the capacity of a broadcast journalist, producer, director, and writer.  As the CEO of Atticus Productions Linda focuses on ensuring that she is creating work which is inspiring, uplifting, and motivational.  Check out the full interview of Linda here with iconic host Kurt Kelly.


Kurt to Interview Beautiful Actress, Producer, and Director Ashley Coredelia

Gorgeous Actress Ashley Cordelia is stopping by ActorsE to interview with the Voice of Experience, Kurt Kelly.  Ashley is an actress, producer, director and so many more.  She is coming by ActorsE to sit down with Kurt to discuss all of her experience in the industry as well as upcoming projects which include her upcoming feature film, in which she stars and directs, called Maria.

Ashley is also a model and amazing singer.  Check out the interview to find out more about everything new that is happening in her exciting career. Click here to check out the interview:



Kurt Kelly is the Signature Voice of the Armed Force Bowl

Kurt Kelly was selected the official voice of the Armed Forces Superbowl.  All year long, fans wait to get excited on the field as rival branches of the military square off on the field.  Get your tickets early and check out the amazing job that Kurt has done honoring our country's patriots.

Kurt Kelly Named the Official Voice of Act Anon

Kurt Kelly was announced as the Signature Voice for the web series Act Anon.  Actors are a rare breed who make up over a third of the population.  They come in all shapes and sizes as well as all kinds of talents.  One thing that can be very difficult is being married to and or dating one of them. Considering that there are long periods of unemployment as well as many other issues that can come up along the way, it is important for spouses and lovers alike of actors to have a place to go.  That is the theme of the amazing series which is narrated by Kurt Kelly and created by Camille Thornton.  Check out episodes 1 and 2 here:


Kurt Kelly Interviewed By Relationship Guru Scot Ferrell


Just in time for Christmas, Kurt Kelly gives an awesome interview to relationship guru Scot Ferrell.  Scot hosts the radio show Modern Family Rulz, and has a following of over 1 million listeners internationally.  Scot brought Kurt on the show to talk to him about the value of hard work as well as the ability to achieve your dreams in real life.  Scot commented, "Kurt gave one of the best interviews that we have ever had.  That is why I wanted him to come on my show.  He is able to inspire and motivate all of the kids listening out there, that they can do anything that they want to do if they put their mind to it."

Scot's radio show is broadcast out of Atlanta and the show of Kurt and Scot will be airing on December 23rd.  Just in time to help us all get back on the right track and motivate us for 2014.  Scot Ferrell is a prolific author, public speaker and radio host.  He trained with Robert Kywasaki as well as other fortune 100 CEOs. Scot's focus is on helping others achieve what they really want in life.  Scot knew that Kurt was the perfect person to drive this message home to his listeners.  Scot is going to be having Kurt back in the future for his television show broadcast internationally out of Atlanta.  Scot and Kurt were able to truly address...."What do you really want out of life?" in this provocative and excellent interview.  Scot gives live seminars as well to help people find their direction in life.

Scot said of Kurt, "He is living the dream and taking names.  I can't wait to have the silver tongued fox back on my show."  Check out on December 27, 2013 for the interview.

Kurt Kelly Interviews German Producer Andrea Staerke at AFM 2013 About Her Film German Angst

Producer, Director, and Writer, Andrea Staerke was at AFM this year seeking to raise awareness for her new movie "German Angst". Her movie is a documentary about many of the producers and directors which left Hollywood following World War II in search of acceptance in the golden hills of California.  Andrea was born in Germany and now resides in France, where she works making documentaries and other films in many different genres.  Check out her amazing interview here with Kurt.


Kurt Kelly Interviews Actress Mary Stein

Actress Mary Stein has amazing talent and has been delighting audiences for years with her work on classics such as Babe.  She can play any role from funny to serious as well as take on any character.  She was at AFM talking with host Kurt Kelly about some of her most recent projects.  Check out her interview with Kurt here.


Flashback to Kurt Kelly's Backstage Access 

Kurt Kelly has always been on the inside of the velvet rope.  This is a flashback to his coverage of Kiss, Tori Amos, and Fleetwood Mack.  Kurt was reporting on these matters on the cutting edge back in 1996.  Check out this amazing clip from Backstage Access from Kurt Kelly.


Happy Holidays from Kurt Kelly and Live Video Inc.

Happy Holidays from Live Video Inc. and Kurt Kelly.  May your upcoming celebration and holidays be amazing and as perfect as possible.  Cheers to a great 2014!


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