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Kurt Kelly Interviews Producer and Director Mathius Mack Gertz at AFM 2013

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Immediate Release
December 23, 2013
Hollywood, California
By: Melissa English

Kurt Kelly caught up with Mathius Mack Gertz at AFM 2013. Mathius has been creating amazing films for years both as a producer and a director.  Having attended AFM for many years, Mathius has met a large amount of creative personalities from artists to many others.  In that time he worked on many films which have found their way into distribution by many different large companies.  He has produced horror films as well as dramas over the years and has worked across many different fields.

He has worked across many different industries and has produced radio shows such as his stint in talk radio on the show as The Spiritual Seeker where he produced for Michael Levine.  In addition to that he has also spent time working in the finance and in the marketing industry.  Mathius spent time in many different fields before returning to LA.  When he returned he picked up where he had left off and again was working on in the industry.


Mathius worked as the executive producer on a dark comedy called Commit in which he was able to find major distribution as well as start to learn the business model of the industry.  Two strangers meet at a coffee shop for what seems like a blind date. But as the conversation progresses, it becomes clear that this couple, who have never seen each other face to face and who met on the Internet, have actually formed a suicide pact. Problems arise when the couple realizes that they may have finally found something worth living for. Comprised of three continuous takes-one take for each act-and shot over the course of two days, Commit is witty and disturbing, as well as an inspirational achievement in independent film making.

In addition to this film, Mathius has a horror film which will be coming out next year called Seven Nights.  This is a film which represents what happens to a man when he gets what he wants sometimes not the way he wanted it.

Mathius also began to learn about the business and decided to go into consulting as well as to start his own website as well as to lecture to teach other creative people how to make it in the industry.  He has written a book which is getting ready to come out called, How to Create Pull, which teaches people how to establish themselves and do business in Hollywood.  The business side of things is always one of the most complicated parts of the process and for that reason, Mathius wanted to share both in book and lecture formats his knowledge with people.

Mathius was interviewed by Kurt Kelly, "The Voice of Experience" and one of the most sought after resources in the industry.  Kurt is known for his endearing and in depth interview technique which draws in viewers.

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