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ActorsE Chat Flashes Back to AFM 2013 With Host Kurt Kelly

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DECEMBER 9, 2013
By: Melissa English

AFM may be over, but there is yet no end in site to the excellent coverage that has been brought to you by ActorsE Chat of the event.  Today will be no exception to that as ActorsE will have another flashback show to highlight all of the great people and interviews which Kurt encountered on site at AFM.  Check out the show here:

Kurt will be flashing back to some of the most interesting interviews he covered including his interview with Andrea Staerke, the producer and of her amazing film, German Angst.  The film in fact was a documentary covering life foe Germans who made their way to Hollywood and picking up with the tradition of German cinema which made its way to the states after World War II.  The German film industry has always had a way of getting into the heads of the viewers and ensuring that you in fact would be able to see things from a very different perspective.  Andrea was highlighting that very phenomena in her most recent film German Angst.

Kurt also had the fortune of sitting down with the guys from Bustin Chops.  They were there promoting their new film which is said to be the South African version of Jackass.  Eugene and Dannie sat down to talk about their film and their production and direction experience at AFM.
Kurt also sat down with the beautiful and talented actress Mary Stein who has been in many films including Babe and spends her time practicing her craft on stage as well as in films and television.  Mary is originally from Michigan and has known Kurt for many years.
Kurt also met beautiful actress and producer Sanny Van Hetern and sat down with her to discuss all of her current projects.  Here is a clip from that interview.
The Flashback show will be hosted by Kurt Kelly, "The Voice of Experience".  Kurt is one of the most sought after hosts in the industry and has been delighting artists for over 30 years.

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