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Striking Beauty, Actress, Model, Writer, Director and Producer on ActorsE Chat With Host Kurt Kelly

Striking Beauty, Actress, Model, Writer, Director and Producer on ActorsE Chat With Host Kurt Kelly

December 2, 2013
By: Melissa English
Lillie Claire, Australian model, actress, and producer will be stopping by Hollywood today to be a part of the show on ActorsE Chat live with host Kurt Kelly.  Watch the show live at  Lille will be interviewed by host Kurt Kelly about her experiences in the industry and the exciting new television show she is producing.
Lillie Claire 1Lillie was born in Australia and with a background in modeling Lillie is no stranger to the spotlight.  At the tender age of thirteen Lille was modeling internationally and walking the runways all over the world with her svelte form and striking blue eyes.  Following her entrance into modeling she proved she was much more than a beautiful face when she started her first professional theater production at the age of fourteen.  Lillie traveled internationally as a model and then returned to Australia after she was then accepted into a very prestigious acting program.  She then continued to grow her experience as well as her  technique when she LA based acting coaches in the techniques of Stanislavsky, Meisner, Eric Morris, Alexander Technique, Classical Voice, Musical Theater and Improv.
Angel of the Skies
Lille then returned to LA in 2010 when she was on her way to work in Vancouver when she was then cast in a role as the female lead in a WWII film and she headed to South Africa for the filming.  The film called, Angel of the Skies, was debuted at Cannes in 2013.
Lilly Claire and Kimberly Garner at Cannes

Lillie has had tons of commercial success in Hollywood on the television show Supernatural, she has also done commercial work as well as theater and film work.  She has also been focusing recently on running a production company for new artists and has been inviting directors, agents and other talent to see artists performing.  Lillie’s first short was entitled, A Place to Stand which caught the attention of the critics.  She followed this up with another excellent short called Actress, which delved into all of the highs and lows of trying to take on a career in Hollywood and attempting to make it a professional career.  She has followed up her previous efforts with a film called The Drowning which is the story of a brother and sister who are able to psychically connect with their dead mother.  In addition to this Lillie’s fourth effort was a suspense based film called Missing Persons.  This is a psychological thriller and a new venture for Lillie which has been received with great reviews from mainstream critics.
Lillie Claire Model

Lille has finally moved to LA and has taken a spot in renowned acting coach, Larry Moss’ intensive workshop in April, and Warner Loughlin’s ongoing classes. Since then, she has had the pleasure of working on a popular webseries, starred in a feature film, and a number of shorts. She is currently about to begin further training with Diana Castle, and just received her acceptance letter for a second round of Larry Moss’ workshop this November.  She is working on a Vlog as well to promote self awareness in teens.
Lillie 2

Lillie is off to an excellent start in Hollywood and has over 4 feature films in production this year alone.  This engaging beauty will be sure to continue to climb up the charts and work with some of the top talent in Hollywood.
Lille is being interviewed by Kurt Kelly “The Voice of Experience” .  Kurt is one of the most sought after hosts in the industry and he has a technique of getting to the details that leave the audience yearning for more.
Kurt Kelly
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