Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Kurt Kelly Interviews Ari Novak at AFM 2013

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Kurt Kelly Interviews Ari Novak CEO of Oracle Film Group at AFM 2013

Immediate Release
December 18, 2013
Hollywood, California
By: Melissa English

Ari Novak founded the Oracle Film Group in 2004.  Since then his company has focused on creating great movies whether the budget was going to be 4 million dollars or 4,000 dollars.  Kurt had the privilege of sitting down with Ari at AFM 2013 and discussing Ari's background and experiences in the industry.  Ari was at AFM promoting his new movie Cowboys Vs. Dinosaurs. The movie has not been released yet but is a scifi movie about a cowboy who must defend his turf against dinosaurs.

Ari has been producing and directing for many years and is very well known for covering many different genres and medias.  He started in effects and worked his way into producing shorts and then full length films.  He has produced movies in everything from comedy to Science Fiction.  In 2007 he released his first producing and directing effort, Oy Vey! This was a comedy about a Chinese rabbi who leads a New York synagogue and the antics which ensue.

Kurt and Ari spoke about the changing of the market as well as advice that is necessary for a newbie to get involved in the industry.  Since Ari started he has seen international growth as well as has a new studio about to open in Montana.  For Ari, the secret has always been to tell great stories, regardless of budget.

Ari was interviewed by the "Voice of Experience" Kurt Kelly, a media dynamo who has a very engaging style which leaves his audience seeking more when he conducts an interview.


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