Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Radio Dream Lunch 2012 -Art Vuolo Jr. "Radio's Best Friend"

Radio Dream Lunch 2012 -Art Vuolo Jr.  "Radio's Best Friend"

This is the 4th annual Holiday Radio Dream Lunch held at the famous Smoke House in Burbank, CA It's a cast of many legendary radio people being interviewed by the quick-
witted VO talent and game show host, Randy West! Enjoy the stories and the laughs.
Recorded and edited by Art Vuolo, Jr. http://www.vuolovideo.com/ Art Vuolo Jr. 
"Radio's Best Friend"
Shotgun Tom Kelly, Kurt Kelly, Jeff Davis, Lou Simon, Art Vuolo, Randy West, Pat St. John, Jeff Rowe, Kevin Carter, Joel Denver, Don Barrett, Steve Resnick, Wally Clark, Charlie Tuna, Bob Hamilton, Charlie Cook, Jhani Kaye, Neil Ross, Wally Clark, Mike Kinosian, Richard Wagoner, Jim Hampton, Charlie Tuna, Bob Hardt, Jack Silver, Ken Levine, Bob Moore, Howard Lapides, Ron Escarsega, Joey Reynolds,
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