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LVI News January 1, 2016 Kurt Kelly Celebrating The New Year An Amazing Career

LVI News January 1, 2016 Kurt Kelly Celebrating The New Year An Amazing Career
Written and compiled by:
Edward James - Supervising Staff Writer LVI

Kurt Kelly Celebrating The New Year An Amazing Career

Kurt Kelly pictured at Sea on the ABC Yacht in Marina Del Rey, CA, USA, CIRCA 1985 
2016 marks 31 years for me in Hollywood [since 1985 - ABC], and 47 years in News, Information and Entertainment. Let's take off the masks, and stand up for the truth; I for one am willing to step forth for what's right. So, if you are willing to join me, then share our content freely with links to our Intellectual Properties [IP]; with the understanding that it is our "IP" and we get paid for our works. Therefore, do not steal, plagiarizer, paraphrase, misquote, or misuse our content. We provide it for the education, information, and the betterment of humanity and planet earth; respect that and do the same! Just sayin'...we will find IP Theft and it will always be prosecuted to the fullest extent of all local, domestic, and International Laws. 

Pictured L-R Tim Sabean, James V. "J.Y." Young (born November 14, 1949) is a guitarist, singer and songwriter who is best known for playing lead guitar in the American rock 

band, Styx, and Kurt Kelly, picture Circa 1985 KLOS-ABC, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Notwithstanding the above, in the month of January we will begin to reveal publicly persons, groups, companies, banks, and others that have breached LVI-KK VPN Networks, accounts, Fraud, Hacking, Security Breaches, Breaches of Contracts, Restraint of Trade, IP Theft, Theft of Technology, Theft of Films, and other crimes.  
My companies are preparing to contact certain cities and governments to ask for their collective support of our efforts to slow global warming. If you believe the same, contact us via This is a sample draft we have started:

Key words: Kurt Kelly (Humanitarian), Live Video Inc (company), Jon Sargent, Disaster Relief Inc (non-profit charity), Meratus Rain Forest should not die (movie), The Final Cut (Film), 

OPEN LETTER Re: Upcoming Event   

Lisa Marroquin Press Assistant Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

Thank you for sending your contact information. There are a couple of different events that we would like to discuss holding and having the involvement with and cooperation from the city of Los Angeles. The first series of events would be to launch city endorsed and/or supported events to raise awareness of the very serious problems of global warming and sustainable living events for charity to raise money to benefit the Non Profit - Non Governmental Organization, Disaster Relief, Inc.[DRI]; which is supporting films, television series, education, aid, and global awareness of extinction being caused by humankind. 

We are in the midst of the 6th global extinction in the history of the planet, and since the 5th extinction 10 million lifeforms evolved; over 8 million of which have already been lost due to the recklessness of humankind. In fact the rates of extinction are becoming so rapid that thousands of additional life forms will be continually lost annual, until we stop our path of carnage and destruction.  Sadly, global leaders are idly sitting by are big business extorts the planet in the names of greed and created consumer demands of products such a wood from the Rain Forests.

Presently, my company Live Video, Inc. [LVI] and DRI are working with Celebrities, Experts, Environmentalists, Biologists, World Leaders and others concerns dedicated to find solutions for these very real problems of global warming and extinction. It's time to draw the lines beyond politics, religion, selfish interests, and hidden agendas; to reach for the greater good and concerns of all lifeforms [not just human needs and desires].

Over the past 30+ years since ABC first brought me here to Hollywood, I have worked with the City of Los Angeles [as recipient of multiple letters of Acknowledgement and Awards over the years for personal contributions], and others to aid with causes and benefits for Homelessness, Food Banks, Vets, D.A.R.E., Aids, Cancer, UNICEF, The UN, Rain Forests, Natural Disasters, Women's Shelters, Family Shelters, Abuse and Suicide Victims, Mental Health, Children's Cancer, Leukemia, ALS, Altimeters, MS, MD, Easter Seals, USA for Africa, Farm Aid, Walden Forest, Energy and Water Conservation, Pollution, Great Peace, Save The Whales, PETA, and countless others, see the attached UN-UNICEF-JON SARGENT LETTER01022016. Clearly, I am passionate about Humanitarian and Equality efforts for all forms of life, and am willing to be in the solution.  

It would be my request that LVI-DRI will create events that would receive both the support of The Mayor  and The City of Los Angeles to raise much needed funds for the completion of several films we have in production to benefit the reforestation of global Rain Forest to both preserve existing life forms we have yet to discover [alarmingly less then 1% known in the Rain Forest, and being destroyed  by human kind faster than we can save it], and to slow global warming. While we non reverse damage caused, we can at least begin to do our part to stop rapid extinction, slow global warming, promote sustainable living, recycling, and coexistence to support the ever growing global demands. It is clearly an Epic time in the history of Leadership to take a stand to against profit over the path of destruction, and require companies to restore the rain forests immediate; and to start tree farms to replace every tree taken from all forests globally to increase air quality and sustainable living for future generations that might follow.

The Offices Of Live Video, Inc. ©

To Whom It May Concern,
It is a great pleasure to say a few a few kind words about my friend Kurt Kelly, a man whose boundless energey and enthusiam has been seasoned by a decade of "front office" dealings.

Quite by accident, our association began in 1984  as I was preparing a series for Anheuser-Busch on the burdeoning success of soundtracks. I was driving to a meeting when Kurt came of my car radio. Immediately I knew he had a voice that would "play in Peoria," and what the hell, he was already making it in L.A.! By days end we had a deal.

Fortunately, my gut instinct was not only proven out by the series' success, but Kurt's involvement directly resulted in 3 top ten station clearances, much to the surprise, (and relief, I'll now admit) of my New York/London partners, who "strongly urged" me to reconsider my decision by hiring a "recognizable" name host they had waiting in the wings.

(I not only pride myself in my ability to pick a "winner", nu I also have the good sense to stick with one!)

And the rest, as they say, is radio syndication history... Literally. Our 10 year working relationship proudly boasts a long list of national & international "exclusives" featuring the cream of the Rock crop, including The Doors, Heart, Journey, etc.

In 1988 our "Crosby, Stills & Nash 4 Hour UNICEF Radiothon" resulted in the war in El Salvador stoping four days to immunize over 100,000 women and children with the money we raised.

But then, I'm sure Kurt will fill you in on the details much better then I can. You'd be wise to give him the opportunity.


Jon Sargent

Kurt Kelly A Career Well Traveled on This Day in History 1969-2016

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