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Live Video, Inc. News October 20, 2014

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A Dynamic Update for October 2014 for Live Video, Inc. and all things Entertainment.

Published 10/20/2014

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Randy Thomas Live on ActorsE with Kurt Kelly

Randy Thomas Voice Over Mastery Event: A November to Remember Coverage By Actors Reporter

After the huge success of last months broadcast, Live Video, Inc. and Pepper Jay Productions will be Producing more live showa utilizing ipDTL groundbreaking technology breakthrough broadcast like the broadcast last month from Istanbul and via 
The new uses of ipDTL  for broadcast in full 1080 HD at 3 mbps are still in early stages, and on Friday, October 24th; Kurt Kelly from Hollywood will Interview Randy Thomas live at the Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center in Fort Meyers again using Internet with no satelite backup on ActorsE. This will be the first time the technology will be used for a full television show live broadcast with guest and host on differnt sets in different cities.  Randy and Kurt will discuss her work in Voice Over, her career in broadcast and her upcoming event for industry professionals looking to take their career to the next levels of success.

Watch the show live at 10 AM PDT via

Actors Reporter is excited to be heading down to Fort Meyers to also cover the Randy Thomas Voice Mastery Event!  This special coverage by Actors Reporter, Produced by Live Video, Inc. and Pepper Jay Productions, will be hosted by Kurt Kelly. All of the VO world is abuzz wanting to come and learn the latest in voice over techniques and from expert panels.  The event has many industry sponsors and will be an event to remember.  Some of the slated guests of the panel include Randy Thomas, Joe Cipriano, Melissa Disney, Kurt Kelly, Anne Ganguzza, David Goldberg, Graeme Spicer, Zurek, George Whittam, and Chris Corley.  A live broadcast is in the works from the floor of the event thanks to the assistance of sponsors: ipDTL, ActorsE Chat, Live Video, Inc. Kurt Kelly Voice Over, Pepper Jay Productions, Actors Reporter, and others. Find out more about ipDTL and the upcoming coverage on
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The Chronicles of Ara: Kurt Kelly is Chosen as the Signature Voice

Everyone knows that artists are strange, that has never been in question.  They have always been just a little off color and a little odd.  Many have thought that authors were inspired by something, but the question has always been what?  Many artists have questioned the source of their inspiration as it drove them to new levels of profound madness.  Yet, there was always something that brought them back to the pen, the quill, or brush.  But what if the source was corrupt?  Kurt Kelly is the Signature Voice for the Chronicles of Ara, which exposes just this situation.  This is the first of a series of 8 books with Joel Eisenberg, and Stephen Hillard.  Get ready to hold on for the ride.

@kurtkelly @livevideoinc @chroniclesofara @joeleisenberg #creation #newclassic
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Kurt Kelly Interviews Actress Savannah Lathem on ActorsE Chat

Kurt Kelly sat down and discussed Actress Savannah Lathem's career with her on ActorsE Chat.  She has been in the industry since 2009 and has won the best award for up and coming actress.  Relatively new on the scene she has already had two films which were winners at the Sundance Film Festival.

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Check out this great interview with Kurt Kelly and Savannah on ActorsE Chat Here:
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Sunday Break Out from SONY PIX

SONY PIX knows you want to be entertained.  Check out Sunday Break Out which will do just that with two movies and one break.  Sony will bring you Hollow Man, followed by Ghost Rider Hollow Man, followed by Ghost Rider Ghost Rider and will assure that you are on the edge of your seat for every moment.  Kurt Kelly is the Signature Voice of SONY PIX.

@kurtkelly @livevideoinc @SONYPIX +sonypix +sonyentertainmenttelevision #sonypix
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Project Overlook: Kurt Kelly Voice Over

Every project has a beginning, and so does Project Overlook from MarkFS Entertainment.  Set in the thriving, sprawling, and frightening 1950's this is the story of hero Elliott Ness and his quest to solve the Cleveland Torso Murders.  What is it like to get into the head of one of the greatest cops of all time?  Tune in and find out.  Kurt Kelly is the signature voice of Project Overlook.

@kurtkelly @livevideoinc #projectoverlook #markfsentertainment @ProjectOverlook +markfsentertainment +projectoverlook

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Robocop 3 SONY PIX

Robocop 3 is one of the most sought after releases of 2014.  SONY PIX is bringing it to you first while other broadcasters are just thinking about it.  Sit back and prepare to be amazed at this action packed flick that will take you into the middle of a world of sci-fi and excitement.  Kurt Kelly is the Signature Voice of Sony Pix.

@kurtkelly; @livevideoinc; @SONYPIX @RoboCop #RoboCop +RoboCop

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Live Video, Inc. is Hiring Admin Assistants and Sales Staff

Are you looking for a dynamic job in the entertainment industry? Are you interested in a glamorous life which offers you numerous options. Are you a team work person.  We offer you to be a part of a privileged and professional team who knows how to do good business in the entertainment world. At Live Video, Inc. we are always on the go and we are in need of professional, nimble, and ambitious administrative staff.  We are looking at expanding our global footprint which means in order to be able to do that we will need assistance in the clerical and admin department. Located wherever in the world you are, come join us and be a part of this colorful world!  

We also are in need of dedicated sales staff with at least 2 years of sales experience in a challenging environment.  If you are ready to reset your life and be a part of a global expansion come and join us.  Please check the link below for more information.
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Live Video, Inc. - Insider Entertainment Tips: The ONE Thing You Must Do to Be Successful at a Film Market

By Stephanie Palmer

Let’s say you are a screenwriter, filmmaker, or producer. You’re attending a film market, film festival, or pitchfest (e.g. American Film Market, Cannes Film Festival, Sundance) to sell your film or find investors for your next project.
The ONE thing you must do (and it’s not “write a great script” or “attach a star to your project”) is surprisingly easy and can be done in about two minutes.

@kurtkelly @livevideoinc @SONYPIX  @afmofficial +afm #afm +livevideoinc

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More Insider Entertainment Tips: 

Live Video, Inc. - Insider Entertainment Tips

Live Video, Inc. - A Kurt Kelly Company; believes in promoting information that will educate professionals on the latest trends, concepts, and the sharing of ideas from some of the Industries Leading Experts in their related field[s]. Live Video, Inc. - Insider Entertainment Tips from Industry professionals on how to make it big in the entertainment film, television, video game, multimedia, and new media production industries; with an emphasis on always being your best!
Find more Live Video, Inc. - Insider Entertainment Tips via 
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