Monday, October 6, 2014

Detroit Driven Kurt Kelly Actor Voice Over

A true American story.  

A thriving city.  Forged by cars, steel and Motown. 

Challenged by decline // and hard times.

Now, a new Detroit is rising.   Powered by grit, and determination. 

Made of start-ups, software firms, and more.  

It’s happening in restaurants, concert halls.  In repurposed factories, and new developments.

From entrepreneurs, to artists, community leaders, to factory workers -- everyday visionaries, 
are reviving this great city.
Tenacity.   Creativity.   Passion.   And pride. 

The values that built Detroit in the first place are paving the road to its future. 

Now comes the chance to build on what we’ve started.

Help tell the stories of the people, behind the revival.   Because a city that believes in itself; 
is a city worth investing in.

Show the world the future is American Made and Detroit Driven.
A true American story.
A thriving city.

Now, a new detroit is rising.

Now comes the chance to build on what we've started.
Actor, Voice Over Artist Kurt Kelly -- The "Voice of Experience" 

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Heard literally around the globe, "Kurt Kelly, a man of character, a voice of many... Kurt not only impresses you with his distinctive voice but he affects you with meaningful words," according to Michal Bardavid, News Anchor - Host of ABC Inside Business 6 News in Istanbul.
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Kurt Kelly Movie Trailer Television Promo Voice Over LA Los Angeles Globally recognized, Kurt Kelly is one of the most sought-after Voice Over Artist-Actors in the business. His many legendary voices are heard globally on television and network promos, sweepers, teasers, movie trailers, commercials, and radio imaging. Kelly is also an Animation Voiceover Artist, Cartoon Voice Actor and On-Camera Host. This broad vocal talent successfully continues on to VoIP’s, IVR’s, corporate video presentations, and various voiceover narrations. Kelly’s voice conveys strength, warmth, sincerity, trustworthiness and reliability. Conversely, his deep dark ominous reads have been perfectly suited for numerous video games, including “World of Warcraft: Cataclysm,” where he gives life to three Gods. More recently, Kurt is the Signature Voice of Sony PIX Television Network. His distinctive voice overs range from newscaster or announcer to cheesy animated and silly fun. He credibly delivers a solid scope of character voices from the guy next door to the thunderous voice of God. Kurt Kelly’s distinguished recording voice continues to stay ahead of the competition. On this site you will find countless samples of his voiceover work and you will experience the wide range of voice jobs he has performed. Welcome to the home of “The Voice of Experience.”

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