Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March 2014 Updates and Life in Motion for Live Video, Inc.

A Dynamic Update for March 2014 for Live Video, Inc. and all things Entertainment.

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Disney Dream Cruise With Aquaduck With CEO Kurt Kelly as Official Voice
CEO of Live Video, Inc., Kurt Kelly is the official voice of Aquaduck the new Disney Cruise with the exciting ride that allows you choose how fast or slow you want to go by simply putting out your arms and guiding the ride.  Check out this dream ride and your new dream vacation with Disney.  See more videos that were produced in the Live Video, Inc. studios


Kurt Kelly to Interview Actress Anna Easteden on ActorsE Chat

Anna Easteden will be sitting down with host Kurt Kelly to discuss her upcoming projects and her history in the acting business.  Anna is originally from Finland and is the daughter of two dairy farmers. She started modeling at the age of 12 and since then has been a professional model.  At the tender age of 12 she moved to Tokyo and started out modeling for many of the Japanese fortune 100 companies.  After this she then started traveling with her modeling career and was led throughout the world on an international trip which finally led her to the United States.  She then caught the acting bug and has starred in some of the most recent star shows as of late.  Check out the show live on March 8, 2014 at 10am. Here:


Sony Pix Keeps You Entertained With Break Out Sundays

Sometimes you just need a break, there is nothing better than to be able to sit down in front of your television and lose yourself in a good movie.  Sony understands that which is why they are bringing you Break Out Sundays.  You have one movie and one break allowing you to kick back and relax.  This week Sony is bringing you Men in Black II and Spiderman III with gripping hang onto your seat action.  Sit back and relax and enjoy the best of entertainment that Sony is bringing to your door.  CEO of Live Video, Inc., Kurt Kelly, is the official voice of Sony Pix.  Check out more of his work here:  All of these videos were produced in house at the Live Video, Inc. Studios.


All For Love, The Things We All Do

Love can inspire us, lift us to heights we never thought possible.  There is nothing better than being able to snuggle up with a loved one and take in a good movie.  Well, you are in luck, Sony has lined up some of the best movies you can imagine, full of all the passion, romance, and inspiration for one afternoon.  Check out 5 of the most romantic movies in one shot.  Kick back and relax, don't forget the chocolate as well as the popcorn.  Check out more videos like this one produced in the Live Video, Inc. studio here:


After Earth a Blockbuster Premiere

Will Smith and his son Jaden make a dynamic pair in After Earth, the two are a traveling pair who land on Earth more than a thousand years after the destruction of the planet.  Making it almost impossible for the two to survive, Jaden must find his way through the wilderness to signal for help and try to get the two back home.  This is a heart throbbing action flick, which will leave you gasping for more.  Sony always keeps you up to date with the latest in entertainment options.  Check out this exclusive interview with Will Smith and a snapshot of this awesome movie to come.  CEO of Live Video, Inc., Kurt Kelly, is the official voice of Sony Pix, more videos produced in the Live Video, Inc. studios can be found here:


Nothing Says Action Like Stallone and the Expendables

There is nothing that says action like Sylvester Stallone and his creations, his most recent flick, the Expendables is no exception.  Sony always keeps you plugged into the latest flicks as well as on top of all of the latest premieres.  Check out this awesome interview with Stallone who talks about the making of the movie as well as the lack of CGI that was a part of it.  Stallone is always known for his hard hitting action stunts and that is something that seems to get better, flick by flick.  Kurt Kelly is the official voice of Sony Pix, check out more of his work here:


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